3 Great Workouts You Can Perform In Your Pool

By Heidi Green , last updated December 29, 2011

If the idea of getting a great exercise without getting covered in sweat sounds good to you, head down to your local pool; this article reveals three great workouts that you can perform in your pool for a cool and fun workout! Whether or not you know how to swim advanced strokes, a pool offers the perfect venue for performing multiple exercises that you can perform without ever swimming at all. Because water offers plenty of resistance, a calorie burning routine is guaranteed. So, hop into your gym's pool and get ready to feel the burn!

The Cannonball Extension

For an intense exercise that helps to sculpt and define your hips, legs, and abdominal muscles, try the cannonball extension. To perform this exercise, you will probably require the assistance of a pool "noodle," a long foam tube that serves as a floatation device. Head to the deeper end of the pool with your noodle, and carefully enter the water with your feet first. Wrap the noodle around your back, while you hold each end with both hands. At this point, you should be floating. Next, point your feet toward the bottom of the pool while straightening your legs and keeping your toes pointed. Using your ab muscles, raise your knees toward your chest. When you have brought them up to a perpendicular point, hold them in that position for five seconds, and then release them back down to the original pointed position. Repeat this process for twenty to thirty reps for a particularly good workout.

The Beach Ball Lever

If you are looking for a workout that is sure to strengthen and tone your shoulders, triceps, back, and ab muscles, grab an inflatable beach ball and head to the chest-depth section of the pool for the Beach Ball Lever. To perform this exercise, begin by floating face down. Meanwhile, hold a beach ball in front of you with both hands while keeping your arms completely stretched out. Keep your legs extended out behind you with your feet together. Keeping your arms completely straight, pull the beach ball down underneath you in an arc all the way to your upper legs. When the ball has reached your legs, quickly push it back forward to the original position. You can perform this exercise with your head either submerged or above water, but remember to take regular breaths. Continue to repeat this process for twenty reps for a great upper body workout.

Water Jogging

Many people associate water jogging with physical therapy, but the truth is that this exercise is one of the most intense calorie burning workouts you can participate in! Best of all, by "jogging" in the water, you avoid many of the injuries and strains that regular land joggers encounter. Many water joggers find it easier to participate in this exercise by using a special water jogging "belt" that wraps around their waist and weighs them down in one place. Many water joggers also use special weighted shoes that keep their legs from floating up behind them. Even though this equipment makes the experience easier, it isn't necessary for a great workout. To perform this exercise, simply move your arms and legs in a jogging movement similar to what you would do on land. Because the water creates far more resistance, your workout will be significantly more intense.

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