3 Great Yoga DVD's for Beginners

By Melissa Willets , last updated January 20, 2012

The benefits of yoga are many. If you are a beginner in your yoga practice and want to work out in the comfort of your own home, consider these three great yoga DVD’s for beginners. By choosing any of these DVD’s, you will not only get the guidance you need to safely begin your yoga practice, but you will gain the benefits that yoga can provide from stress relief to increased flexibility, muscle tone and mind-body connection. So whether you are turning to yoga to tone your body, relax your mind, help you cope with chronic pain or jump start a weight loss program, there is a beginner DVD suited for you.

Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy. Best known as the celebrity yoga instructor and close friend of Jennifer Aniston, Mandy Ingber has developed a DVD for beginners that serves to introduce the types of moves that shape the bodies of her celebrity clients. This accessible DVD blends traditional yoga poses with toning exercises to produce visible results fast. Ingber promises that her beginner’s series will guide viewers through a new and fun approach to yoga, while delivering real results. The Yogalosophy DVD contains two work outs to suit the needs of any beginner: one is a short, targeted session while the other is longer and contains a full warm up and cool down. For around $15, who wouldn’t want to start a yoga practice that may help you look like Jennifer Aniston?
Healing Yoga DVD With Rodney Yee. Yoga has been proven to aid in healing the body of anything from chronic back pain to indigestion. For the beginning yoga student who seeks the help of the ancient practice for the relief of pain turn to Rodney Yee. Yee is an internationally acclaimed yoga instructor who guides beginners through a series of five 8-minute practices on his DVD; each addresses a specific bodily ailment and shows how, through yoga poses, to increase well-being. Viewers will enjoy the scenery alone, as Yee filmed this DVD on the island of Maui. You can imagine how your mental well-being will improve simply by watching this DVD! Yee invites you to take some time for yourself and practice yoga with him and for only $15, why not?
Quick Start Yoga for Weight Loss With Suzanne Deason. Perhaps you are turning to yoga to jump start a weight loss program. If so, consider Suzanne Deason’s Quick Start work out. Deason is a certified yoga instructor who has long focused her talents on helping people lose weight. This DVD is designed to help you get started in your quest to trim pounds from your figure. Step-by-step instructions provide the accessibility you need to practice yoga for weight loss safely and successfully. Deason’s approach will help you form the mind-body connection needed to stick with a weight loss plan. Her yoga work out will show you how to achieve those lean muscles and increased energy you desire. And $15 is a small investment to make in your health and fitness.
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