The 3 Most Affordable Health Insurance Companies in California

By Joseph Boyle , last updated January 3, 2012

It can be somewhat difficult to find affordable health insurance companies in California. In general, among all the states in the United States, California has a relatively high cost of living. Since the factors that determine insurance rates vary from state to state, California’s high cost of living is reflected in the cost of insurance, among other things. Searching for the right health insurance can often be a daunting task. With so many available options, it’s hard to know where to begin. It is not simply a matter of finding the best coverage, or the most affordable plan, but rather, a good balance between the two. As with all insurance, it is essential to shop around. With the proper selection process, it is possible to find affordable insurance, even in California. Below, you will find a list of three of the most affordable insurance companies in California. If you’re in the market for quality insurance in California, look no further.

Blue Shield of California

In the 60 years that it has operated in the state, Blue Shield has become one of the largest health insurance organizations in California, providing coverage for over 1.2 million people. The company is accredited as “excellent” by the NCQA. Regardless of your needs, it is likely that Blue Shield can provide you with an affordable plan to meet them. There are a wide variety of general plans to choose from that range from vital plans that only cover major medical events to plans that provide full coverage and preventative care. Blue Shield offers free insurance quotes. Visit their website for more information.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser is considered to be one of the more innovative insurance providers. They have been based in California since 1945. Their membership currently numbers in the millions in California. They are also one of the more affordable insurance companies. Their focus is as much on preventative care as on the treatment of illnesses. Their healthcare plans also possess a unique organization system, which allows patients access to as many services as possible under just one plan. They have numerous options available to fit all types of budgets and coverage types. Visit their website to get a free insurance quote and see just how affordable their coverage is.


Aetna is an extremely large and effective health care provider. They have won numerous awards, including Fortune Magazine’s coveted Most Admired Company in Health Care award for the third year running. They have been around for over 150 years, and their presence in California is extremely strong. If you are looking for affordable health care coverage for you and for your family, then Aetna can provide it. Regardless of the type of coverage you are looking for, it is likely that Aetna offers it. Their commitment is to providing access to excellent and cost effective health insurance. They offer medical plans for both individuals and groups. Visit their website for a quick, free insurance quote that will help you find the insurance plan that is just right for you.

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