The 3 Most Expensive Divorce Attorneys in Chicago

By Jonathan Bales , last updated January 9, 2012

Nobody wants to pay more than necessary for a divorce, but some contested divorces end up being quite expensive. This is particularly true in major cities like Chicago, where the cost for an attorney is high. Of course, the best divorce attorneys are generally the most expensive ones, and there are plenty of great divorce lawyers in Chicago. The exact rates charged by each lawyer depend on the services you need. A lengthy divorce that involves children, alimony, and so on will obviously be more expensive than a simple variety. If you have the funds and want the best divorce lawyer possible, though, you will be able to find a terrific one in Chicago. Read on for information on the three best, and most expensive, divorce attorneys in the city of Chicago.

Bellie Lind Gordon

With 35 years of legal expertise, it is no wonder Bellie Lind Gordon is one of Chicago's most expensive lawyers. As such, though, she will offer you unmatched representation during your difficult time. Bellie Lind Gordon places an emphasis on individual focus, taking on fewer clients than most lawyers so she can dedicate more time to your specific case. With creative problem solving, she is one of Chicago's top divorce attorneys.

Specializing only in family law, Bellie Lind Gordon has the knowledge necessary to make sure you get everything you want and need during your divorce. Held in high esteem by Chicago judges, Bellie Lind Gordon is known for garnering incredible deals for her clients. Working with other lawyers to give you a team effort, she is the divorce lawyer for you if you have the money.

Patrick S. Sylvester

Practicing on the North Shore of Chicago, Patrick S. Sylvester specializes in all aspects of divorce, including custody, post-nuptial agreements, and legal separations. As a former professor of law, Patrick S. Sylvester has extensive knowledge of divorce laws. His high quality of service has led to one of the highest ratings of any divorce attorney in Chicago, with nearly all clients satisfied with their results. His fees are generally high, but he guarantees the price he quotes you.

Thus, while regarded as one of the city's most expensive divorce lawyers, Patrick S. Sylvester often ends up being more affordable than the "cheaper" lawyers who quote one price and charge another. This means you can often get incredible divorce representation for a mid-range price. Patrick S. Sylvester also performs will and estate law.

Gabrielle S. Davis

Specializing in collaborative divorces, Gabrielle S. Davis is very popular in the Chicago area. Her ability to negotiate deals and work with the other party's attorney to come to a resolution is unprecedented. If you expect a difficult legal battle and simply want to get through it with as little damage as possible, Gabrielle S. Davis is the attorney for you.

One of the reasons Gabrielle S. Davis's fees are a bit high is that she hires experts in specific fields to accommodate your needs. If you have a child custody battle, for example, she might hire a child developmental expert to advise on visitation. Thus, the extra cost of her services goes toward the absolute top representation possible.

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