5 Best Farewell Gifts Ever

By Stacy Zeiger , last updated November 16, 2011

Saying goodbye, whether it is to a family member moving across the country or a co-worker who is changing jobs, is never easy. Farewell gifts provide a chance to tell the person leaving how much they were appreciated during the moments you spent together. The five best farewell gifts ever provide the person with a reminder of fun times while giving them something to take with them on their new journey.

Create a scrapbook containing special moments. If it is a co-worker, include pictures of other employees in the office and company parties. Write-in any inside jokes and allow other employees to personalize the scrapbook with their own going away messages or memories of their time with the employee. For a friend, including photographs of the two of you together, ticket stubs and other mementos of your time together. Include quotes and handwritten memories that connect to your time as friends. If you do not have time to create an elaborate scrapbook, online websites, such as Picaboo or Shutterfly, allow you to upload pictures and create a personalized photo book online.

Purchase an address book or planner for the person who is leaving. Fill it with addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of co-workers, friends and family members. Include special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. If you have promised to write to one another, add envelopes that have already been addressed and stamped. Be sure to stamp envelopes using Forever stamps from the U.S. Postal Service so the envelopes will still be good in the event that postage rates go up.

Create a travel package as a going away gift. Include a selection of magazines, snacks, travel-size toiletries and travel games to use during a long flight or car ride. A high quality suitcase, backpack or laptop bag makes a gift for a college graduate planning to take a trip or for those who are moving across the country. You may also include maps or travel books for those relocating or taking a long trip.

For someone who is moving away, create a local care package. Include non-perishable food items from local restaurants and candy stores. Add a CD from a favorite local artist or special lotions or soaps from a local spa. Include cheesy souvenirs in the care package, such as t-shirts, postcards and other knick-knacks that bear the name of the city and pictures of local landmarks.

Plan a going away dinner to honor the person who is leaving. You may choose to have a smaller party in your own home, a catered party or a simple dinner at one of the honoree's favorite restaurants. Invite a large group of co-workers, family and friends to bid farewell. Invite those at the dinner to share special memories or pieces of advice to the person who is leaving. Make sure the dinner has a festive mood with energetic music and good food to ensure he receives a proper send-off. Make the dinner a surprise party to add an additional element of fun to the celebration.

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