The 5 Best Healthy Cookbooks

By Heidi Green , last updated January 12, 2012

If you are looking to get healthier in the new year, one of the first habits you can begin to change for the better is your eating. This article reveals the five best healthy cookbooks you can find to aid you in your new healthy ambitions. Whether you are looking to lose those stubborn pounds that you gained over the holidays, or you are looking for better ways to treat your body, changing your eating habits to include healthier foods is one of the best decisions you can make. Eating healthy is one of those things that is probably more fun than many make it out to be. A healthy diet isn't simply leafy vegetables and boring grains, but can actually include a wide range of delicious digestibles. Read on for some ideas and inspiration!

Celebrate Vegan: 200 Life Affirming Recipes for Occasions Big And Small

This book, chock full with exotic and surprisingly healthy vegan recipes from around the world, isn't just a repository for delicious and healthy recipes, but also an entertaining tour through various cultural takes on vegan food. Written by Dynise Balcavage and published by Lyons, this delightful book examines foods that are served for a hodgepodge of different multicultural holidays. It also includes recipes for everyday occasions, such as sleepovers and birthdays. This book is perfect for those that don't consume any animal products, and will be a great companion in your kitchen or as a gift.

The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

One of the trendiest new diets is also one of the oldest. The Mediterranean diet is based around the centuries-old eating habits of Mediterranean cultures. With diets that are heavy on vegetables, fish, olive oil and wine, the Mediterranean diet has been proven to be an extremely healthy model for modern eating. The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook expounds on this basic philosophy, all while offering an array of delicious meals for plenty of different occasions. It is written by Nancy Harmon Jenkins and published by Bantam books.

Ancient Grains for Modern Meals

Taking a cue from the New Mediterranean Diet, Ancient Grains For Modern Meals shows that the ancients really knew what they were doing when it comes to healthy eating. Ancient Grains, written by Maria Speck and published by Ten Speed Press, explores the many different staple grains used by various cultures throughout the world. Grains from rice and wheat to barley and rye all make an appearance, and are showcased in a cornucopia of tempting meals.

Spices of Life: Simple and Delicious Recipes for Great Health

Focusing on various healthy spices and their use within eclectic meals, this book presents a whirlwind of interesting and exotic healthy foods that are bound to please your palate and your healthy ambitions at the same time. Written by Nina Simonds and published by Knopf, Spices of Life includes holistic health advice alongside nutritional information, and presents varying spices in an array of meals.

Super Natural Every Day

If you prefer simple and wholesome food, you don't need to resign yourself to heavy fats and sugar rich foods. Take a look at Super Natural Every Day, a guide to the world of natural and healthy foods that many people gloss over when they are planning their weekly meals. Written by food blogger Heidi Swanson and published by Ten Speed press, this book includes plenty of amazing and healthy recipes that are all easy to prepare and even easier to eat!

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