5 Best Online Accounting Courses

By Stanley K , last updated December 23, 2011

A course in accounting can be a good building block to a bright career, since accountants are usually on high demand and very relevant in almost every sector in the economy. There are various online accounting courses, and thanks to advancement in technology you can pursue these programs online. This is very flexible especially since not everyone has the luxury of time to attend classes full time. The choice of the online course will depend on which field you would want to work in and your area of expertise. This article takes a look into some of the best online courses you can pursue.

Management Accounting

This course touches on fields such as controlling, auditing reports, and planning. The training is ideal for people in the following fields: accounting managers, financial controllers, investors, business managers, project managers, managing consultants, and entrepreneurs. The course objectives of management accounting include: to give an understanding of the accounting framework, to give analytical skills to tackle various challenges in the field of accounting, and to cover basic accounting principles and how these can be applied in real case scenarios. The best institutions to pursue a management accounting course include Kaplan University and American Intercontinental University.

Computer Accounting

Technology has literally taken over the world and it is the backbone the economy. The demand for computer accountants is growing and such personnel are very well paid. The training is not taxing and one can easily learn the basics in virtual classrooms. This course can be pursued at Kaplan University.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is a broad field and covers statements such as a balance sheets, profit and loss, cash flows, debits and credits, and trail balance. It equips the students will analytical skills on how to review various financial statements. This course can be pursued online, though it is advisable for the candidates to visit their professors once in a while to seek clarifications and make inquiries on topics that they are not comfortable with. Students interested in specializing in financial accounting can check out programs offered at the University of Washington and Kaplan University.

Chartered Accounting

This field is not new but it is very innovative, and there is always a demand for chartered accountants. The major benefit of this accreditation is that one can work practically in any sector. To study this course, you do not need to attend classes; it is simply done through correspondence. The exam dates are set by the “Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.” Students with this certification can work anywhere in the world. Chartered accountancy is offered at Ashford University and Virginia College.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is basically using science in investigation in order to verify evidence. This technology is rapidly gaining popularity and is very relevant in today’s world, especially due to the numerous cases of money laundering and fraud being committed. Kaplan University offers an accredited degree in forensic accounting.

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