5 Best Women's Backcountry Skis of 2012

By Jonathan Bales , last updated February 27, 2012

Backcountry skis are designed for a type of skiing known as 'touring,' and they are made much differently than skis created for downhill skiing. Backcountry skis are generally longer and thinner than alpine skis, possessing features that make moving on flat terrain a breeze. There are all sorts of backcountry skis available, many of which are designed specifically for women. These skis are usually very lightweight, as they do not need to hold the weight of a man. The best backcountry skis for you are the ones which best combine your needs and budget. Read on for more information on some of the best women's backcountry skis available for purchase in 2012.

Salomon XADV 69 Grip Skis

Made in three different lengths, the Salomon XADV 69 Grip Skis are made to withstand long treks and handle technical skiing in the process. The skis have embossed fish scale technology on their waxless bases, giving the stability. The skis' full-length metal edges add unprecedented grip, while the maneuverability is said to be comparable to that of downhill varieties.

The Salomon XADV 69 Grip Skis are a truly unique pair of women's backcountry skis in that they are versatile enough to handle all types of skiing. The Low Nordic Chamber provides both power and the ability to glide along powder, making cross country skiing easy and fun. The G2 Waxless Base is designed to work in all snow conditions, while the skis' wood, foam and fiberglass core is as lightweight as it gets. Responsive and extremely durable, the Salomon XADV 69 Grip Skis come with a one year warranty and are a steal at their $192 price tag.

Rossignol BC 90 Positrack Skis

Retailing for $224, the Rossignol BC 90 Positrack Skis are another tremendous combination of quality and affordability. The weight of the skis is minimized with their active cap construction. This lightweight design is enhanced even further by the wood and air core, giving you the ability to glide along all snow types with ease. For the backcountry skier who loves long trips, the Rossignol BC 90 Positrack Skis are for you.

The skis' grip is made elite by their waxless Positrack base. This gives the perfect balance between kick and glide. Any backcountry skier knows most skis are made to provide primary either power with each movement or the ability to easily glide. The Rossignol BC 90 Positrack Skis are rare in that they give you both qualities. For women who need to maximize the length they travel while minimizing energy expended, there is perhaps no better choice than the

Rossignol BC 90 Positrack Skis

Whether you are going on a tour of the mountains or gliding across a frozen pond, the skis' air-channel wood core provides the perfect lightweight base on which to move. The skis are still very durable, though, possessing a torsion box construction and metal edges. The side cuts allow for quick and efficient turning, giving you the ability to maneuver whether on flat terrain or moving downhill. The Rossignol BC 90 Positrack Skis comes with a one year warranty.

Alpina Woody Touring Skis

With the traits needed to make sharp turns while moving downhill, the Alpina Woody Touring Skis have full steel edges and are perfect for those who need a versatile set of skis. The skis have a Posi-Grip design that means you will never need to use wax again. The stiffness of the skis is enhanced by the double camber construction, making them perfect for larger skiers. At $176, the Alpina Woody Touring Skis are a steal.

Atomic Motion 59 Grip Skis

Lightweight and versatile, the Atomic Motion 59 Grip Skis are great for beginner touring skiers. They have a classical style and G2+ base construction that balances grip with glide. This makes touring as easy as possible, as the skier does not necessarily need to manually balance between the two. The versatile side cut makes the skis easy to control and very stable.

Madshus Annum Skis

The lightweight Madshus Annum Skis have a waxless base and fat tips. The progressive side cut and full metal edges enhance control, while the carbon reinforcements mean you do not need to sacrifice power. As versatile as any touring skis on the market, the Madshus Annum Skis retail for $247.

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