5 Crazy Hats for New Year's Eve

By Lillian Chiu , last updated January 29, 2012

New Year's Eve is the time to reflect on the past year and celebrate the coming of a new one, but it also lets you get away with wearing a crazy, over-the-top party hat. Theatrical hats and other party accessories may seem unnecessary to some, but these elements truly help bring a fun-loving atmosphere to your New Year's event. Choose any one of these crazy hats and bring the fun to your party.

Light Up Bottle Head Hat

Embrace the bubbly on a whole new level this New Years Eve. This unique hat mimics a popping champagne bottle and is made with a soft, plushy material, so this crazy hat will also keep you cozy. The tip of the hat has dozens of battery-powered fiber optic strands that light up when the switch, which is located in the back of the hat, is flipped. For those uncomfortable with this aspect, there is a non-electric version of this hat that has gold tassels instead of fiber optic strands. The light up hat costs $10 and hat without lights costs $6.20 on the PartyCheap website.

Lamp Shade Light Up New Year's Hat

Bring something unexpected to the party this year with this light up lampshade hat. Similar to an actual lamp, the light is located in the interior of the hat, and comes with a pull cord. There is also black tassel fringe for added drama and realism. The front of the hat features the cute pun, “Light up the night on New Year's!” with a picture of a light bulb; you can certainly do so for the cost of $11.99 at Party City.

Shot Glass New Year's Tiara

If you happen to be looking for functional headgear, consider this crazy option. This tiara has a shot glass holder so you'll never be unprepared for a celebratory beverage this New Year's Eve. The shot glass is also included. The silvery material encompassing most of the tiara is embellished with small sparkly pompoms, and has “Happy New Year” printed across the front of the tiara and on the band. Be a walking party with this hat at the cost of $6.99 at Party City.

Light Up New Year's Tiara

This girly tiara might remind you of a six year-old girl's birthday party, and there is no better occasion to get away with wearing one than New Year's Eve. The headgear is a splash of colors: the shiny metallic “Happy New Year” message sits among the pink, lavender and sky blue prongs of the tiara. Lavender feathers surround the crown area, and there is a light-up star in the middle. This fun-loving hat costs $7.99 at Party City.

New Year Felt Top Hat

There are few occasions where you have the chance to wear a top hat, especially a colorful velvety one. Decorated for the occasion, the top hat is covered with depictions of streamers and confetti and says “Happy New Year." The brim comes in a variety of colors, including pink and blue. This hat costs $6.99 at the RickysNYC website.

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