5 Creative Ways Kids Can Earn Money

By Kristen May , last updated December 21, 2011

Kids can try out several creative methods beyond lemonade stands to earn money during the summer and in their free time during the school year. Focus on helping kids brainstorm ideas that fit with their natural interests and build skills of independence and keeping commitments. As a reward, let kids use their money to fund special purchases.

Selling Crafts

Kids who are artistic or crafty can make creations and sell them in a variety of settings. Many communities host craft fairs or allow craft vendors to set up stalls at farmers' markets, so kids can look into selling their wares there. Websites, including eBay and Etsy, offer the opportunity to sell crafts to people who do not live in the area. Kids will need to have a parent help them sign up for and manage accounts at websites because minors are typically not allowed to earn money online. Some types of crafts that tend to be profitable include beaded jewelry, scarves, artwork and pottery.

Caring for Animals

Many children enjoy taking care of animals, especially if they don't have pets of their own to care for at home. Kids can market themselves as dog walkers or pet sitters. Kids generally get home from school before adults get home from work, so they could come take people's dogs for walk during the afternoon so the owners don't need to hurry home to let the dogs out. Kids can also take care of pets while people are on vacation during the summer. Market these skills by posting flyers in the neighborhood.

Mother's Helper or Babysitter

Many moms of young children are busy and could use an extra pair of hands around the house. Kids can offer their services as a mother's helper who cares for kids or helps with chores around another family's home. This job is ideal for kids who are too young to babysit unsupervised. Once they have gained experience and have taken a babysitting course, kids can babysit younger kids while the parents are out of the home.

Technology Services

Kids these days often understand computers and technology better than adults do. One creative way to use these skills to earn money is to market themselves as personal technology tutors. They can help elderly people understand how to use email and the internet. They can also help individuals learn how to use social networking sites and help individuals or small businesses set up websites and blogs.

Cleaning Assistant

Many of your neighbors probably do not have as much time as they would like to clean their homes, yards and cars. Kids can go door-to-door in the neighborhood offering their immediate services in any of these areas. Kids should be able to provide their own basic supplies, such as bags for lawn waste or a bucket, soap and rags for washing a car. Kids who perform the work well might even get offers to come back on a regular basis for additional cleaning work.

These are just a few of the many creative ways kids can earn money while helping neighbors in their community. These tasks can give them a sense of independence, learn the satisfaction of hard work and give them a bit of spending money to have fun with.

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