5 Easy Valentine's Day Gifts

By Sheridan Tano , last updated November 27, 2011

Valentine's Day is supposed to be romantic, but finding Valentine’s Day gifts with the time and money you have available can be stressful instead. Try out these five easy Valentine’s Day gifts for ways to show your loved ones that they are appreciated, even if you’re struggling with ideas at the last minute. Just don’t let them know how easy it was to find a great gift!

Romantic Meal

A romantic Valentine’s Day meal is easy to plan, but will leave a big impression if you do it right. Don’t just go for the clichés of fancy Italian food and rich chocolate desserts; a truly romantic meal will show your significant other that you thought about his or her interests while planning it, not just about what a generic man or woman would like. Try something creative, like buying ingredients to make homemade pizzas together and watching your favorite romantic movie. If you live where it’s warm in February, make your S.O.’s favorite sandwich and go for a picnic at the park or on the beach.


Photos of you and your S.O. together make a great easy Valentine’s Day gift. Putting a romantic photo in a Valentine’s Day frame is the simplest approach, but try to go for something more creative. You can print digital photos easily and inexpensively at department store kiosks or buy prints online, then use the photos to make a collage. For a more useful romantic gift, visit a website for personalized photo gifts and add your photo to a keychain, blanket, necklace or other trinket.


Chocolate is, of course, the traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but it doesn’t take too much thought to make your gift of chocolate personalized and memorable. First, do a quick search for sellers of gourmet or handmade chocolates in your area. Then pick out a small selection of chocolates that say something about your S.O.’s interests or your relationship; for example, chocolates with peanuts, popcorn and caramel if you like going to baseball games together. If you can’t find a specialty chocolate shop, look for gourmet chocolate bars at natural foods stores.

Baked Goods

Baking from scratch may not be easy, but buying delicious baked goods is an easy Valentine’s Day gift, and an especially good option if your S.O. doesn’t like chocolate. Gourmet cupcakes are trendy, so you might be able to find a local cupcake bakery with Valentine’s Day offerings. Fresh fruit tarts and cookies are other good options. For a clever touch, look for baked goods flavored with rosewater, since roses are another traditional Valentine’s Day gift.


A massage is a great gift for any romantic occasion, including Valentine’s Day. Buy a gift certificate for a day at the spa, or take your S.O. and go for a massage together. Or, if you prefer the hands-on method, buy some scented candles, scented massage oil and a book of massage techniques, then try them out on your S.O. For an extra special addition, buy some organic roses (so they're pesticide-free) and add the petals to a warm bath.

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