5 Fantastic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

By Shannon C , last updated January 9, 2012

Finding fantastic bedroom decorating ideas doesn't have to mean spending a fortune or even spending a lot of time. Sometimes it can be as simple as a trip to a local craft shop or a walk out into your own backyard. These great bedroom decorating ideas are inexpensive and flexible so you can change up your bedroom decor as often as you like.

Pick a neutral base color

If you start your bedroom decor off with a neutral base color, then the sky is literally the limit for where you can go as far as changing up your decorations. You can choose an ivory, off-white, soft lemon, taupe, beige, or even a darker grey tone, and build from there to create your own customized bedroom decor design. If you want to change out your wall art, your accent colors in your bedding and pillows, your furniture, or any other element in your bedroom, a neutral base color will give you the freedom and flexibility to do so without having to repaint your entire room before you can start.

Bring your bed to life with a vintage headboard

If you have a modular bed that just consists of a frame, boxspring and mattress, you can then go shopping for a vintage or antique headboard to really bring the central furniture in your bedroom to life. Consider a great mirrored headboard with a textured or weathered wood design, or opt for one of the lovely soft fabric headboards with decorative embroidery. If your bed size permits, you can even hang an antique door as your headframe, or simply install a large oval mirror above the bed on the back wall.

Create your own canopy bed

A canopy bed is nothing less nor more than delicate, sheer fabric draped strategically across your bedframe, and you can accomplish this by hanging large curtain rings above the head of your bed and draping sheer fabric through them. You can then pull them back with two more curtain rings installed about midway down the wall, or just let them fall softly to either side of the bed for a tented look.

Go antiquing

You can find great vintage or antique rugs, wall art, light fixtures, end tables, and armoires for your bedroom when you shop for vintage or antique bedroom furnishings online or in one of the local antique stores in your community. You just never know what great inspirations may strike you as you are wandering around, and vintage or antique furnishings are great because you will likely not find similar designs in modern furnishing stores.

Make your bedroom habitable for more than just sleeping

Depending on the size of your bedroom, you can consider the possibility of creating an atmosphere that is conducive to much more than just sleeping and getting ready for work. Add a settee by the footboard or a cozy armchair in the corner for a great homey vibe.

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