5 Funny Christmas Gifts for Teen Girls

By Sam Feeder , last updated November 30, 2011

Funny Christmas gifts for teen girls are tougher than you might think, because many teen girls don't have the same sense of humor as everyone else. You may know this already from being around them and seeing them react negatively to something that most other people might be able to laugh off. This sensitivity may be even more present around the Christmas holidays, so tread carefully when buying these funny gifts for a teenage girl this holiday season. The list below should be a helpful guide to make this a success and avoid a sudden tantrum.

Funny T-Shirts

T-shirts are things that teen girls wear while they are lounging around the house, so giving them a funny t-shirt for Christmas is probably a safe bet. Make sure it says something that relates to their interests, like boys, texting, gossip or a slang term that kids their age are saying these days. Make sure this t-shirt is also their size, so they will wear it when they don't plan to be seen outside the house. Make sure this is just a stocking stuffer and little more.

Voice Altering Microphone

A number of different toy companies make microphones that alter your voice when you sing into them. Seeing as many teen girls love to sing to their favorite songs or may fancy themselves famous singers in their own personal daydreams, this toy may be the perfect funny gift for a teenaged girl, allowing her something to sing into with friends or by herself. Some of these voice altering microphones even allow you to record what you sing to a small flash drive and upload it to a computer, allowing your teen girl to share her singing talents with anyone online who will listen.

Funny Music Speakers

MP3 music playing docks have undergone a number of design changes over the past few years, evolving from the simple Bose single speakers to objects that disguise the fact that they actually play music and just look like a funny object or piece of art. Some of these things, like pink pigs with speakers for eyes, are cute and funny for a teenage girl to have in her room, making it the perfect cute and smart addition to a girl's mantel or nightstand, allowing her to smile every time she plays music.

Tickets to See a Female Stand-Up Comic

There aren't a lot of female stand-up comedians out there, but teen girls who have a burgeoning sense of humor often identify with these women who have a funny female perspective on life. Seeing these stand-up comics perform live can give an angsty teen girl a sense of self and confidence that she may not have had before, as well as allow her to laugh a little.

Her Favorite Comedy, on DVD

Find out what the teen girl's favorite television or film comedy is and buy it for her on DVD. This way she can laugh whenever she wants with a few clicks of a button.

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