5 Great Bow Ties for Boys

By Mary Broadbent , last updated December 4, 2011

So you've got yourself a beautiful little man to catch when he falls, chase when he runs, and clean up after he makes a huge mess! With all little boys, it's a challenge to clean them up and bring them to formal engagements looking as though they're regal gentlemen, rather than little monsters. So what to buy for a little guy that will camouflage his tough tyke persona and have other mothers wishing they could take him home to help around the house? The answer: a bow tie, always the perfect touch to make a boy look charming and dapper no matter what he gets himself into. To have your son ready for showing off, here are five bow ties for boys.

Bar-Striped Bow Ties

These bow ties, especially in the colors of red, blue, and yellow, are great because they add a certain old-time look to any young man's outfit. A bar-striped bow tie is also great for shots of your handsome man with Grandpa, as Grandpa probably has one just like it! This can make for a memorable photo op, and will remind everyone that boys will always be little boys. The Tie Bar online has a great selection of these ties, with an adjustable neck ranging from 13 & 3/4 to 18 & 1/2 that all come in silk.


Plaid is not as popular as other prints, but can be just as stunning, especially with a grey or blue suit. Plaid bowties are perfect for more traditional families that honor the old Celtic ways, and would be great for family reunions as a perfect match to a boys' kilt.

Polka Dot

Although this pattern can come off as a little zany, and might have people thinking your boy borrowed his look from Bozo the Clown, polka dots used to be all the rage when the tie first came out. They are still perfect in lighter shades like pink and white, green and purple, or yellow and red, adding personality and light-hearted fun to a traditional suit that might be seen as boring for a young man to wear all day. If you have a little character, this is the perfect look for him!


Very traditional and suitable for any occasion and any type of suit. Usually pastels work best with brown suits or jackets, and darker colors like crimson, emerald green, and black work best with black suits for more formal occasions like weddings, bar mitzvahs, and funerals.

Art, Animals, and More

For the most part, bowties are fairly traditional, with simple patterns or designs, but there are some bow ties with more interesting prints that are perfect for boys. Cartoon characters or squiggly drawings can now be found on bowties, and are a great source personality when doing dress-up. There are many fantastic prints to choose from, including dinosaurs, paisley, soccer balls, crossbones, cars, or even crossword puzzle patterns that will not only have your son standing out, but also probably get a few conversations going about where your friends can buy one just like that!

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