5 Great Career Development Programs

By Katie Bolin , last updated December 11, 2011

Planning for your future can be made easier with one of these five great career development programs. Finding a career path can be a difficult and confusing road, whether you're mid-career or a recent graduate. You will find career development programs that are offered by certain companies as a way of exploring a number of career paths. Take a look at these five great career development programs.

Virginia Jobs State Career Development Program

Virginia Jobs is a state-wide career development program focused on helping citizens advance their careers in state government in Virginia. They have a vast amount of Career Guides, which is a program set up to help citizens discover their career path and learn about careers that fit your personal skills and abilities. The Guide explains general work performance and guidelines for professionals within state government as well as in diverse work environments, giving you the ability and range to work not just for government programs. The career guides list rages from accounting to foresters to wildlife biologists. Even if you don't live in Virginia, check your local government for career development programs.

Caterpillar Career Development Programs

Caterpillar is a company that produces a multitude of mining and construction equipment. Behind the scenes, their team is made up of engineers, IT, marketing and logistics among others. College graduates looking to explore any of those fields may apply and take part in two to three year career development programs. The programs are rotational, meaning you will have the ability to try out a couple of different career fields to gain experience in diverse projects within the company.

Aon Early Career Development Programs

At the Aon Early Career Development Program, you will be exposed to development and training opportunities fit for future employment at Aon, mentoring and a year-long formal curriculum and development plan. Aon offers seven unique tracks to choose from, including options such as accounting, human resources and risk services. You can take advantage of mentor pairing and finance and business etiquette training, as well as other vital skills needed in the world of business.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Emerging Leaders Programs

If you are interesting in developing a career related to public health, the Emerging Leaders Program at the CDC could be a great option. The two-year program offers full-time employment through a career development program. The program allows you to explore careers in science, public health, technology and more. Candidates need a master's degree or two years of graduate studies to be considered top candidates.

National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Programs

With an interest in scholarly pursuits and teaching in the field of scientific academia, the career development program at the National Science Foundation could expose you to a world of science-related research and education experience. The career development program aims to promote innovation in science and technology, spread awareness of scientific careers. This career development program focuses on admitting junior faculty members based on proposals.

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