5 Great Fishing Hooks for Deep Sea Fishermen

By Sam Feeder , last updated December 4, 2011

Great fishing hooks for deep sea fisherman are integral, as the fish they will be catching are much larger, much stronger, and willing to put up much more of a fight. While the test of the fishing line, the strength of the rod and reel, and the technique of the fisherman play a major part in landing a fish from the ocean depths, it all starts with the quality of the hook and how well it has caught the fish from the initial bite. If your hook fails, breaks, or allows the fish to get away, you won't have much luck deep sea fishing. Check out these five great fishing hooks for deep sea fisherman so that you can have at least great hook on hand to ensure you have the best possible chance of bringing the fish in once you hook it.

Mustad Fishing Hooks

Mustad is the best selling fishing hook on the planet, making all types of different hooks but really specializing in deep sea fishing hooks, as they are from Norway, one of the top fishing nations in the world. These hooks are used to catch everything from sharks to sword and sailfish in the deep sea, as they are made of heavy duty metal and shaped in a way that they won't allow many fish to get away once the barb has pierced through their skin. The most important thing to know when fishing with Mustad hooks is what size of fish you are looking to catch in the open ocean, so that you can be sure to attach the right size to your line. Beyond that, the hook will do the rest.


Gamakatsu fishing hooks are made in Japan, which is one of the primary fishing nations in the world, with some of the best deep sea fishing in the Pacific that surrounds it. Like most things Japanese, these Gamakatsu hooks are designed to perfection and are incredibly strong. They regularly prove to be able to hold some of the largest salt water fish that are pulled in on a regular basis, like the ones that wow tourists at the Tokyo fish market. Deep sea anglers know Gamakatsu hooks as some of the best in the world.

TroKar Hooks

TroKar hooks are known for being especially sharp hooks, able to pierce through even the toughest mouths of fish that swim in the open ocean. While TroKar hooks may not be as strong as other brands and don't have the legacy and notoriety, these hooks are sometimes the only ones you can use when fishing for very large grouper or other fish that have tough mouths or lips.


A two hundred year-old fishing hook company out of France, VMC has the legacy of a great fishing company and is know best for it's treble hooks, which come standard on the ends of a lot of deep sea fishing charters. This is because these hooks are usually less expensive then the other top hooks in the salt water fishing market.

Eagle Claw

These hooks are more for freshwater fishing but have been used by deep sea fisherman due to their quality and low price. While they don't have the legacy of other brands, they are quickly gaining the reputation as being one of the best types of fishing hooks on the market.

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