5 Great Snowmobiles for Beginners

By Renee Gerber , last updated January 21, 2012

Riding a snowmobile in the winter can be a lot of fun and a great way to pass the time, even for beginners. When there is a lot of snow in your area and you have access to open space, it can be the only outdoor activity you might want to engage in. Of course, if you are new to snowmobiling, one of the most important aspects on which you will have to concentrate your energy is buying a snowmobile that is appropriate for your skill level. In many instances, it is also a good idea to buy a used machine when you are a snowmobiling beginner.

Yamaha Phazer RTX

The Yamaha Phazer RTX is a great snowmobile for beginners due to its lightweight build and 499cc twin cylinder. Newcomers to the sport of snowmobiling should generally avoid any machine that runs on over 500ccs, so this is an ideal choice. The Yamaha comes equipped with a 43mm fuel injection system and runs in a manner that is very smooth as well as reliable. The engine revs up to around 12,000 RPM of power.

Arctic Cat F5 LXR

The Arctic Cat F5 LXR snowmobile offers a great performance that is smooth and runs on a two-stroke 500cc engine. You should absolutely get the best ergonomic ride while using this machine, which runs initially on electricity. The handlebars and seat are adjustable for your personal comfort. There is an older version of this snowmobile that is slightly cheaper in price. The machine is equipped to fit individuals of all sizes due to its adjustability, so you should feel great on it whether you are petite or big and tall.

Arctic Cat Sno Pro 500

Great for beginners at the sport of snowmobiling, the Arctic Cat Sno Pro 500 is a wonderful choice due to its ability to run on any terrain. It has a fantastic 499cc two-stroke engine that runs smoothly. The snowmobile is designed as a racer type of machine rather than one that is traditional. It is good for younger riders who are beginner snowmobilers and can be kept at fairly low speeds, while never compromising on performance. The Sno Pro has it all in terms of riding experience.

Polaris 550 IQ Shift

While the Polaris 550 IQ Shift comes with an engine that runs on 544ccs, it is nonetheless a great option for beginners who have maybe a small bit more experience in snowmobiling. It runs well on as well as off track and is absolutely bulletproof. This machine has two options, one that is 121 inches long in the track and the other that has a track that measures at 136 inches. Either one will give you the optimal snowmobiling experience you're looking for. While the machine does not run on high horsepower, it has a great digital ignition system and is very lightweight.

Ski Doo Tundra 550F

Lightweight with a sleek design that is much smaller than the other models, the Ski Doo Tundra 550F is a great choice of snowmobile for beginners. The engine features a twocylinder design that is fan cooled. The Tundra is not recommended for super-long trail rides, but it is a perfect choice for young riders who are new to snowmobiling; it will help them learn how to move around in dense snow.

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