The 5 Highest-Salary Jobs

By Sam Feeder , last updated November 11, 2011

The five highest-salary jobs in the country are some of the ones you would expect to be the highest paying jobs out there. These jobs usually require good educations and a lot of hard work over a couple of decades to really earn the highest ends of these salaries, though the entry level positions in these jobs usually pay very well, too. Check out the five highest-salary jobs listed below and see if any of them is something you would want to do for the rest of your life.


Surgeons are in the upper echelons of the medical profession with some surgeons earning close to seven figures per year. Most surgeons earn much less then that but still make a ton of money every year, with an average salary of about $225,000. However, it takes a lot of schooling and practice to become a surgeon and it will often take someone more then a decade to get to that level of salary.


Also in the medical field, anesthesiologists are some of the best-paid people out there. They are integral in the surgical process, as they must administer the proper amount of anesthetic to patients who go under the knife. The amount of anesthetic has to be just right; if it's too little, it will cause incredible amounts of pain to the patient, while if it's too strong, it could have adverse and even fatal effects on the patient. It is a job that requires as much or more specialized training then anything else as life or death is literally always in an anesthesiologist's hands. Medical school will be incredibly expensive, but the over-$200,000 in salary you can expect to make will help to quickly pay it off.


Being a Chief Executive Officer of a company is surprisingly only the third-highest salaried job out there, though this doesn't technically include the massive bonuses, stock options, and benefits packages that these CEOs often give themselves. These CEOs run companies and are masters of business, being the ones who steer the company ship and make sure that it is always headed in the right direction. Their salaries reflect the size of the company that they must manage. While you hear about the CEOs of some of the largest companies out there making seven-figure salaries, you also have to remember that there are a lot of smaller companies as well, so the average CEO makes about $200,000 per year.


Dentists require a lot of training, but don't have to go to school nearly as long as doctors. However, since most people see dentists, their private practices tend to consistently make a lot of money, allowing dentists to be one of the highest-paid professions in the country. The average dentist makes just under $200,000 per year on average.


Lawyers have always been some of the best-paid people out there, as they charge a high hourly rate and/or work for firms with high salaries per year. There is a wide variety of lawyers out there and you will be required to go to law school and pass the bar exam, which will cost a bit of money and take four to five years on average. Most lawyers make an average salary of $175,000 per year.

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