5 Most Popular Hair Colors for 2012

By Shannon Allen , last updated January 23, 2012

Start 2012 off in style by considering one of these five hot hair color ideas. The dawn of a new year often means it's time for a new look and there is no better way to change your look than with your hair color. Changes to your hair color may reflect personality, highlight your features or simply shake things up a bit in a hair style that has been around for years. Read on for a few ideas on how to spice up your style this year.

Warm It Up

The cold winter months are feeling a lot warmer this year as women are adding some warmth to the tones of their hair color. Lush browns, deep reds, and softer shades of blonde are proving to be in high demand this year. Another common use of these warm tones is incorporating as many as four different shades into your hair. The result of this technique generates the perception of more depth than the traditional single all-over color.

Be Bright and Bold

The attitudes of unique and unconventional seem to be picking up seem heading into 2012. For hair color, this means simply being blonde or brunette just isn't enough. Vibrant shades of purple, blue, red and even green are in growing demand in the hair coloring market allowing women to really accentuate who they want to be. Celebrities are among some of the front runners in this movement with pop artists like Rihanna and Katie Perry flaunting confidently bright hair colors.


The balayage technique for coloring highlights into hair originated in France and is translated to mean "to sweep." Therefore stylists use a sweeping motion to brush color onto the hair. The result of this process is an extremely natural looking color that grows out well and works on all hair types. Balayage first emerged in the United States in the late 90's and is the preferred highlighting method among celebrities. Although you may get to go longer between hair appointments, it should be noted that the balayage process is quite time consuming and much more difficult for stylists to perform.


The French continue to inspire hair color in 2012 with the color of Ombre. In French, Ombre means "shaded like a gradient," which is exactly what it looks like when applied to hair. Ombre hair is darkest at the roots and then gradually lightens moving towards the ends of the hair. Brunettes with mid to long length hair pull off the Ombre color especially well. You can really get a feel for how spectacular this look can be by checking out its appearance on the red carpet. Celebrities like Jessica Biel and Sarah Jessica Parker really make the Ombre color sizzle with their beautifully long and wavy locks.

Go Grey

Coloring your hair grey may sound completely wrong at first, however this maturing color is really growing in popularity heading into 2012. Grey-lights and white or grey bases are among some of the hottest trends this year and are really twisting an entirely new attitude on grey. Wealthy trendsetter and models initiated the grey movement and now their influences are being seen in the common public. Check out actress Kate Moss's shades of grey to get an idea for how this look could be worn on you.

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