5 Secrets for a Better Beauty Sleep

By Lisa LoParo , last updated January 6, 2012

Everyone likes a long period of shut-eye, and what better way to take a snooze than to use that time to look more beautiful in the morning? Nighttime is when the body repairs itself most quickly, and a long period of eight hour sleep is ideal to allow your skin, hair, and nails to shine and glow. Here are some excellent tips to make the most of your bedtime.

Take a Bath

Taking a bath before bed is an excellent way to relax yourself and also repair your skin's softness and lend you a natural glow. Make sure to fill the bath with bubbles and heated water. The bubbles form an insulation that keeps the water hot for longer. Add some lavender oil, as this is proven to help people relax. In the bath, rub your skin gently with a towel or an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and renew your skin. And because the difference of temperature when you leave the bath causes your body to release melatonin, a hormone which helps you relax and sleep better, your sleep that night will be blissful. And you'll wake up in the morning with glowing skin.

Silk Pillowcases

Using silk pillowcases instead of cotton ones is an excellent and easy way to improve the skin of your face. Silk does not absorb oils the way other fibers do, so your face does not dehydrate in the night. Instead, silk fibers smooth over your face and even your hair, lending moisture and shine without using creams or chemicals. Replace the pillowcase every other week and hand wash it to protect the fabric.

Establish a Nightly Routine

A routine will add some stability to your hectic life; as long as you stick to it faithfully, you can enjoy shining skin and hair in the morning. Make sure to gently remove makeup before bed and cleanse your face with a gentle, moisturizing cleanser like Cetaphil. Add a heavy nighttime moisturizer, and you'll wake up to glowing skin.

Drink Tea and Avoid Alcohol and Coffee

Lavender tea, in lieu of a glass of wine, will help keep you hydrated moisturize your skin. Unlike alcohol, which sends you to sleep only to wake you up a few hours later, lavender tea is a natural relaxer, and because you're drinking water, you'll wake up to better skin each morning. If you must drink alcohol, regulate your intake and stop drinking a couple hours before bed. A similar theory stands for coffee. You should switch to decaffeinated by 2:30 pm, and drink plenty of water to replenish fluids after drinking.

The Right Products

The best products to apply before bed are gentle, natural, and moisturizing. Avoid harsh cleansers in favor of gentler ones such as Cera-Ve and Cetaphil. Use a gentle cloth to remove makeup, such as one made by Neutrogena or Pond's. Cleansers with colors or chemicals should also be avoided. Try a nighttime moisturizer like Olay, and make sure to apply eye creams and moisturizers no later than a half an hour before bed, so the creams have a chance to absorb into the skin. Happy dreaming!

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