5 Tips for Landing a Marketing Internship

By Charles Dovbish , last updated December 10, 2011

An internship in marketing is a stepping-stone to a promising career. An internship gives you real world experience in some of the tasks that you will be doing every day as a marketing professional. Marketing internships are generally given to college students during the summer, or fall and spring terms. If you would like to get into the marketing field but don’t know how to go about it, read on. Here are 5 tips for landing a marketing internship.

Pick a Type of Marketing

Before you can get a marketing internship, you must decide what kind of marketing you are interested in. Advertising, branding, product development, PR and social media marketing are some of most common fields to get into within the industry. This is just a general list. There are a lot of different fields that you can work in, so research the kind of marketing that you want to focus on. This will determine the type of internship that you will be searching for.

Decide What You’re Looking For

An internship is a great tool, and one of the first professional credits that you will have on your resume. But, if you don’t know what you want to gain out of the internship, you will be at a disadvantage. Decide what it is most important for you to experience during the internship. Do you want professional work experience? Do you want to increase your professional network? Determining what you want to gain from your internship can help you plan the application process.

Choose 5-6 Companies

What companies do you want to work for? Go back to the field that you want to be in and determine 5-6 companies that are within that industry. Would you rather work at a smaller marketing firm or does a PR giant excite you more? Think about the work environment and the hours that the company will require you to work. All of these factors should be going into how you determine the companies that you want to apply to.

Market Yourself

As a future marketer, you should be marketing yourself as a product. There are a lot of college students vying for the very internship that you want. You need to stand out. Have your resume checked over by the career center at your college. Ask questions about how you can improve your credentials and write a killer cover letter. The cover letter should also be proofed by your career center so there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

Use Whatever Resources You Have

Even as a college student, you should already have a small network of marketing professionals under your belt. Your university’s career center is one of the best assets to you. They will know what companies are hiring and who will be able to give you the best experience possible. Think about who you know and what they might be able to do in order to get you into a company that would be great as a future employer. Remember that many companies hire their interns as full time employees after they complete their internships. If you don’t have any network contacts, think about attending a career fair. Marketing companies will have representatives there who will look over your resume and even interview you on the spot for an internship.

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