5 of the World's Most Meaningful Brands

By Laura Richter , last updated January 24, 2012

These days, everyone loves to hate global companies. Corporate misbehavior has drawn the ire of many people throughout the world. However, some companies have created products that make our lives better. These innovations have changed the way people conduct business, decorate their homes and communicate with each other. Not only do these five companies provide meaningful products, they have corporate values that seek to enrich the planet.


It seems like everyone loves Apple. The makers of the iPad, iPod, iMac and iPhone have revolutionized the way people view computers. The company made technology easy to use, efficient and attractive. Apple invented the computer’s graphic interface, making this technology accessible to everyone. Apple fans are so passionate that people jokingly refer to them as a cult. When founder Steve Jobs died in 2010, the media lionized him as this generation’s Picasso.


IKEA has changed the way people decorate their homes. Their modern, affordable furniture features clean lines and practical designs. This Swedish company prides itself on using recyclable materials and packaging. The company considers the entire product life span, from creation to end of use. They are constantly searching for ways to lessen their impact on the environment. IKEA stores even have a collection point where people can recycle their furniture. They take great care to ensure that their manufacturers employ safe and fair working conditions. Similar to Apple, IKEA’s customers demonstrate a passionate loyalty to the company.


It is difficult to imagine life before Google. The company sought to create the world’s best search engine. They succeeded beyond their dreams. Used throughout the world, Google organizes and categorizes the Internet. They rank each page according to authority and importance. When Google produces its results, users see pages with the highest ranking first. This process will determine how customers view companies. Page ranking has become one of the most essential aspects of corporate marketing. With its success, the company sought to expand its influence. Google Ads allows advertising on your website. You can make money when people view or click the ads. Google Replay archives tweets by chronological order, letting users see how world events unfolded through commentary on Twitter.


Many people love criticizing Microsoft, but Apple’s rival has dominated the computer market. Its operating system, Windows, is an industry standard. Few software packages can compete with Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. While experts cite Microsoft’s lack of innovation, no one can argue about the success of their Xbox products. They also cornered the market on making technology affordable. Many low-cost computers run on a Windows operating system. Their products may not be as pretty as Apple technology, but the company strives for digital inclusion throughout the world.


Disney has earned the loyalty of children and parents worldwide. Mickey Mouse, The Muppets, Snow White and Hannah Montana are all a part of the Disney empire. Founded by cartoonist Walt Disney, this company has world-famous theme parks, videos, games and music. Parents can rest assured that their products are safe for kids. While children may be their primary demographic, the company also has plenty of adult fans. People love reliving their childhood by wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt or vacationing at Disney’s Epcot Center. Like their signature song, “It’s a Small World,” the company has sought to unite different cultures throughout the globe.

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