7 Newborn Baby Clothes Items That Every New Mom Needs

By Elizabeth Hannigan , last updated December 1, 2011

Buying newborn baby clothes is one of the most fun ways for new moms to prepare for the arrival of their newest family member. Newborn baby clothes are so cute, and unlike the crib and stroller, clothes aren't that expensive so you can make a few impulse purchases without breaking the bank. If you are a first time parent, you might be shocked by how much clothing your baby actually needs. Babies are cute, but they are also super messy. What with the spit up, diaper blow outs, and other unexpected messes, it is normal for a parent to have to change a newborns clothing up to 3 times in a single day. You may also be surprised by how quickly your baby grows out of his newborn clothes. Sometimes, babies are born too big for newborn clothes! You might want to pick this stuff up in 0 - 3 month size and 3 - 6 month size, just in case.

Onesies, also known as body suits, are those cotton things that look kind of like bathing suits with sleeves that snap at the crotch and sometimes at the neckline. If you have a summer baby, chances are that your baby will live in these. Onesies are super easy and fast to put on and take off, and the snap bottom allows you to change diapers without removing any clothing at all. Usually, you can find these in 3 packs.
Pull On Pants
In order to keep your baby warm, you'll need a few pairs of pull on pants with elastic waist bands. These pants will go over the onesies if it is not quite warm enough for your baby to hang out with bare legs where you live. Look for soft, cotton, stretchy pants. You should be able to get the elastic waist band over your baby's diaper with no struggle. The stretchier the pants are, the longer they will last you.
Babies often don't like to have things pulled over their heads. If you have a winter baby, look for cardigans to keep baby warm during cold months. These types of sweaters are easier to get on and off, plus you can leave them open or button them closed, depending upon how chilly it is. Choose a cardigan that is machine washable.
Sleepers are long sleeved, long legged one pieces that often have feet attached. Think of footie pajamas. Since most newborns sleep nearly all the time, if you live somewhere cold or have a winter baby, your baby will probably be wearing sleepers all night and all day. Babies need to be comfortable and sleepers are warm, cozy, and easy to get on and off. Look for sleepers that have snaps up the front and down one leg if your baby squirms when you dress him. If your baby doesn't mind having stuff pulled over his head, look for sleepers that snap open and closed at the crotch to make diaper changes quick and easy. Sleepers are also great for layering over onesies.
Dress Outfit
Your baby will probably spend most of his first few months in sleepers and onesies. Tiny jeans and dresses are extremely impractical. They aren't as comfortable for babies and they may be difficult to put on and take off. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't own a few of these adorable outfits. Buy at least one really cute baby outfit for your newborn to wear when he gets his picture taken. Just don't buy an entire wardrobe of expensive items that you don't want to see covered in snot and poop. If you are like most new parents, you can probably expect to receive a ton of really cute and really impractical baby clothing at your shower.
Babies need hats in summer and in winter. In summer, they need hats with brims that will protect their heads and faces from the sun. Don't forget that your baby's head can get very sunburned if it's not covered. In winter time, babies need warm, soft hats that cover their ears. Depending upon your location, your baby may even be wearing his hat indoors or when he sleeps.
Babies shouldn't wear shoes because shoes can be too restrictive. Especially shoes with hard soles. You don't want to prevent your baby from being able to move his feet around freely. You are going to need to keep baby's feet warm, though. Buy lots and lots of socks. These things are cheap and they have the tendency to disappear, both from the wash and right off your baby.
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