About Enviroshade Canopies

By Mick Travis , last updated March 30, 2011

Enviroshade canopies are made by Enviroshade, a canopy-manufacturing company based in Africa, with offices in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Akure and Jos. The canopies are made from polyethylene fabric and polycarbonate sheeting, and are stretched over a modular, galvanized steel frame. The company website claims that the canopies are capable of filtering out 90% of the sun's UV rays.

There are a range of different, all-weather Enviroshade canopies to choose from, each with a different size, shape and purpose. Enviroshade carport canopies are designed to protect vehicle interiors from cracked interiors due to excessive sun exposure and keep vehicle exteriors from damaging hail. Parasol or umbrella Enviroshade canopies are intended to shelter individual or small groups of people seated at small tables, and are usually inserted through a center tabletop hole of an outdoor table. Enviroshade shadeports are essentially tents without the sides, offering larger groups of people protection from the elements while still receiving a nice breeze from all angles, while their walkway canopies are useful for businesses as a form of weather protection while walking from the street to the front entry. Other Enviroshade canopy types include retractable awnings, window shades, golf driving range shelters, swimming pool covers and restaurant patio covers. Given the wide variety of Enviroshade canopies, they are useful not only for residential applications, but for hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, churches, outdoor trade shows/open markets, beaches, and campgrounds.

Enviroshade polyethylene fabric colors include red, yellow, rust gold, beige, terracotta, forest green and midnight blue. Polycarbonate sheets come in green, blue, red, bronze, off-white and clear. Different colors can be combined with multiple canopies to attractive effect. Corporate logos can be applied to any canopies intended for business use for an additional fee.

All Enviroshade canopies are protected by a one year warranty.

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