About the Green Island Ficus

By Shannon C , last updated March 10, 2011

One of the most apparent aspects of Green Island Ficus is the fact that it is not picky about soil conditions, fertilizer applications, or even regular watering, which makes it an excellent choice for both home and commercial applications. The Ficus microcarpa, or Green Island Ficus, is a bonsai of the miniature variety. With proper pruning, the Green Island Ficus can become an excellent conversation starter, and with rich and ancient history, a great horticultural education for its caregivers.

Green Island Ficus vs. Other Ficus Varietals

The Green Island Ficus is not to be confused with its larger, much more invasive cousins, which quickly spread and develop such hearty root systems that walls, concrete slabs, and even sewer lines are no match for their insatiable appetite for space to spread. The Green Island Ficus is much smaller and more slow -growing, and very amenable to pruning and taming that keeps it easily under control.

Ornamental Uses

The Green Island Ficus is also commonly known as the "Chinese Banyan Tree", and as such can be molded into any number of decorative designs suitable to complement the interior of both home and office. The Green Island Ficus develops aerial roots which Chinese Banyan artists can shape and direct into pleasing alignment with a desired growth pattern. The Green Island Ficus, far from resenting this interference, welcomes it and happily accommodates direction.

Green Island Ficus Fruit

The Green Island Ficus does produce a small fruit called a "fig" which many animals find edible. Humans, however, do not generally tend to agree. The fig seeds repopulate the Green Island Ficus population, but indoor growing Green Ficus Trees will not produce figs with fertile seeds due to lack of access to the re-pollinating agent - the fig wasp.

Even novice gardeners can enjoy triumph when cultivating this undemanding shrub type bonsai, which is slow growing and amenable to a variety of growing conditions.

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