Age of Mythology: The Titans 1.03 Trainer

By Daniel Thomas , last updated March 13, 2012
“Age of Mythology: The Titans” is a 2003 expansion pack for the fantasy PC strategy game “Age of Mythology.” This expansion adds Atlantean gods to the original game's mix of Greek, Egyptian and Norse mythology, bringing 12 new god powers, 15 new human units and 12 new myth units to the table. You can play it straight and fair or turn to cheats such as trainers to take on the titanic opposition.

Trainer Basics

Game trainers are small computer programs that modify the content of PC games such as “Age of Mythology: The Titans.” User-made trainers actually change the game's byte patterns to manipulate game content. Some trainers add additional features while others unlock levels. Save game trainers include custom-made save game files, allowing you to play the game beginning at later levels.

"Titans" v 1.03 Trainers

Most trainers for “Age of Mythology: The Titans” cater to versions 1.0, 1.01 or 1.02, offering +12 and +13 modifications. In trainer terms, +12 means that the trainer contains 12 options for game play modification. Some users offer a +10 trainer for version 1.03, which includes “God Mode,” unlimited resources and increases in player power.

Using Trainers

Trainers typically come in the form of lightweight ZIP files. You'll have to extract the file with an extraction tool, such as free program like WinZip or WinRAR, and follow the installation instructions to apply the trainer to “The Titans.” Most trainers include specific instructions in the form of a Rich Text Format document. Online game cheat databases offer “AoM” trainers for free download.

Other Cheats

If you wish to modify the game play in “Age of Mythology: The Titans” version 1.03, you can do so easily without the use of trainers. Press “Enter” while playing to bring up a blank field—you can type phrases in the field that enable nearly 30 cheat codes. For instance, “THRILL OF VICTORY” automatically wins the scenario, while “PANDORAS BOX” equips you with a random god power. Increase your resources with “JUNK FOOD NIGHT,” “TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE” or “ATM OF EREBUS,” which ad 100 food, 100 wood and 1,000 gold, respectively.
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