Agility Drills for Soccer Goalies

By Stacy Copeland , last updated January 28, 2012

Agility, or being able to quickly change the position of your body, is crucial for success as a soccer goalie and so learning different drills to improve this skill is a great way to improve one's skills. The more agile you are, the faster you can start, stop, and meet the ball. Developing balance, coordination, reaction time and core muscle strength will serve you well as you take to the field. Like learning any skill, improving your agility requires diligent practice. Try incorporating the following cone drills into your practice routine to see steady results.


Lay out eight low cones in a straight line with approximately 12 inches between them. Hop on one foot and land in the space between each cone. Repeat this drill at least five times on each leg.

Short Short Long

Develop both speed and agility by using two short horizontal steps to move between each set of two cones, then one long diagonal step to move your body to the next set of cones. At the end of the line, jog back to the beginning. Repeat this drill at least five times.

Short Steps

Jog on your toes with your feet on the outside of the cones. Take one short step with each foot so that your foot lands between and to the side of the cones. For example, your right foot would land between cones one and two, your left between cones two and three, your right between cones three and four, and so on. Repeat this drill at least five times.


Lay four cones in a zig-zag shape. The first and third cones should be in one line, the second and fourth in a second line. Each cone should be approximately 18 inches forward and diagonal from the previous cone. Lay another cone 10 feet away from this grouping. Side step through the first four cones with short steps, then sprint to the far cone. Repeat the drill 10 times.

Weaving In and Out

Set four cones in a straight line with three yards between them. Place another marker three yards to the left in between each set of markers. Side step as quickly as you can from one cone to the next, touching each cone with your hand.

Shuttle Drill

Lay four cones in a T formation, with two cones in a straight line and two out to the sides of the top cone. They should be approximately five yards apart. Run backwards from the cone at the bottom of the T to the top center cone. Side step to the left cone without turning around, then back to the center cone. When you reach the center cone, turn around and sprint to the cone at the bottom of the T. Run backwards to the center cone again, then side step to the right cone and back to center. Repeat the drill 10 times.

Combine the above drills with a workout that helps develop your core strength, such as yoga or Pilates, which also develop balance and flexibility. Combined with agility drills, yoga and Pilates can be formidable weapons in the soccer goalie's arsenal. Roll out your mat, then get ready to roll out a great game!

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