All About Chi Shampoo

By Lora Keleher , last updated June 17, 2011

Chi shampoos are part of an upscale line of salon-quality hair care products and styling tools. Chi products are environmentally-safe, as well as free from the harsh chemicals present in many competing brands of shampoo. Multiple types of Chi shampoo are available, and selection depends on your hair type, texture and whether your or not your hair is damaged from dye or styling products.


Chi shampoo is manufactured by Farouk systems, a company based in Houston, Texas. Farouk is known for being owned and operated by hairstylists from over 100 different countries who know the business of hair care and who design products based on their experiences. The goal of Farouk is to manufacture products that provide stylists with a work environment free from toxic chemicals and their mission statement is, “Environment, Education, & Ethics.”

Product Lines

Chi provides many different types of shampoo, based on women’s differing hair care needs. Some highlights include Chi “Deep Brilliance Balance,” for people with textured hair, Chi “Curl Preserve,” to preserve waves and perms, Chi “Infra” and “Nourish Silk,” to add moisture and nourishment to dry hair as well as Chi “Color Protect” to protect dyed tresses. Additional shampoos decrease residue build-up, and offer hair protection from the heat of blow dryers, flat irons and other styling tools. Chi also offers a line of organic and environmentally-friendly products, like sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo.


Salon-quality hair care products are a significant investment when compared with lines typically sold at drug stores and supermarkets. Chi shampoos are no different, and they range in price from $11 for basic shampoos to around $30 for color-protection and nourishing shampoos. Despite the cost, the high-quality ingredients and freedom from harsh chemicals makes Chi product a popular choice for discerning women, and many have given Chi shampoos rave reviews.

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