All About Emerging Markets

By Ted Rollins , last updated June 7, 2011

The term "emerging market" is used to describe any country or nation that is currently undergoing rapid growth and increased industrialization. Various organizations attempt to follow and determine which countries fall under this term, as the analysis of emerging markets can prove quite valuable as an investment opportunity. There's little disagreement over the two largest emerging markets, China and India, although some may criticize the term as outdated. Recently, the term "rapidly developing economy" has gained traction instead. One commonly referred to group of emerging markets is BRIC, which stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China, four of the largest developing countries. In what follows, you'll find out more about which countries have been labeled as such by various organizations.

The FTSE Group, a British stock indexer, has divided emerging markets into advanced emerging markets and secondary emerging markets. FTSE currently lists six advanced emerging markets—Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, South Africa and Taiwan—as well as 16 secondary emerging markets, which include Egypt, Russia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey and many other countries. Other organizations that track emerging markets include Eleven, CIVETS, MSCI, The Economist Magazine, Standard and Poor’s and Dow Jones. While there isn't a lot of variance in the lists, each of these organizations agrees that Indonesia, Turkey and Egypt are strong emerging markets; however, due to recent political unrest in Egypt, investment firms are less bullish about the nation. Global Growth Generators or 3G Countries is another emerging classifier by Citigroup that analyzes potential growth through 2050. The 3G group includes Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq, Mongolia and seven other growth markets.

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