All About Evergreen Oak Trees

By Holly Schoch , last updated March 22, 2011

With its dark green, glossy leaves, the evergreen oak truly is a marvelous sight. When new growth sprouts, it casts the tree in a purplish hue. Its leaves are long and, with its dark top as contrast, the pale underside adds a unique element to the tree. These trees are commonly used as specimen trees, which is not surprising. Their raw and natural beauty does wonders to the landscape.

Evergreen oaks are the smaller of the oak family, reaching only 20 to 30 feet in height. Its foliage has a tendency to look shrubby in appearance, spreading out between 15 and 20 feet. It is considered a 'red oak' because of the leaves that it produces. The two categories, white oaks and red oaks, differ in their leave structures and the types of acorns they produce. Evergreen oaks have leaves with points on the end and their acorns mature after two growing seasons. The spring following their maturity, they will begin to grow.

It is generally used as a shade tree, though it is rarely available, if ever, in nurseries. In general, these types of trees are considered to be a poor choice for a home garden. It requires too much space to grow and flourish. The roots of this tree may also cause damage to the any plants or structures around it. Therefore, it should only be planted if ample amount of space is available.

Evergreen oaks prefer sun or partial sun. Its soil should be moist and on the acidic side. As with most plants, its soil needs to have decent drainage, otherwise it will encourage the development of root rot. It does well in most environment, but if the temperature dips below 10 degrees for an extended period of time, it could cause damage.

With these facts about the evergreen oak, you can be on the lookout for these beautiful trees.

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