All About Exotic Angel Plants

By Shannon C , last updated January 31, 2012
The "exotic angel plant" is a brand name for more than 400 different varietals of exotic plant life grown and sold through the Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses, which maintain nine locations and 2.8 million acres of greenhouse space throughout Florida. Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses is family owned and operated, and today the company supplies exotic indoor plant life to commercial resale locations in the United States and Canada. The Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses website offers a selection tool that allows customers to plug in the available amenities in their interior space, such as light, home decor, frequency of watering, plant growth rate, and other factors to determine the best options for plant life in that space.

Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses also provides basic care tips that encompass the baseline needs of any exotic angel plant, including adjusting lighting, hydration, temperature, fertilization, plant selection, and a detailed segment on troubleshooting when exotic angel plants begin to show signs of distress. Beyond these, there are certain basics such as consulting the specific care instructions for the varietal selected, and remembering that, as tropical plant life, exotic angel plants will largely prefer an environment that mimics their natural preferences. Exotic angel plants come labeled with their preferences such as "high light" or "low moisture" to let owners know how to best care for the plant.

As an extra special touch for exotic angel owners, Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses provides buyers with the option of joining the Exotic Angels Club to get regular updates with care tips. The Ask an Expert feature is another way buyers can ask a question and receive an answer via email to learn more about how to care for their exotic angel plant life. The exotic angel family represents plant life cultivated from around the world, so these two features are invaluable resources, especially for those new to exotic angel care.

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