All About Mandevilla Vines

By Jonathan Johnson , last updated March 19, 2011

A Mandevilla vine is a gorgeous woody hanging plant that boasts large, beautiful flowers. They are usually grown in a hanging basket or on a trellis, a vertical framework that easily supports and allows the vine to grow without getting out of control. They come in a variety of colors, the main four of which are Alice Dupont (yellow), White Delight, Red Riding Hood (a dark pink), and Ruby Star (dark red). These vines are great to grow and easy to care for to add color and interest to your garden, porch, or even the outer walls of your house.

Mandevilla vines do best in warm temperatures: nothing much lower than 65 degrees during the day, and ideally higher. The vine is an import, native from tropical Brazil, and therefore does extremely well in tropical climate areas such as Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana. It requires moderate to high levels of sun throughout the day. The plant is in full bloom from late spring through fall, while temperatures are high. Although the Mandevilla vine is technically classified as a perennial, it has difficulty surviving the winter in most of the temperate United States, and therefore is better grown as an annual.

Allow the soil that the Mandevilla is planted in to dry before re-watering. Watering the vine too often could, in combination with warm temperatures, cause the roots to rot and your plant to die. While it is growing, the Mandevilla should be watered regularly, but during the later months of the summer should be allowed to stay dry for a few days at a time.

The Mandevilla typically grows to about 20 feet tall, though growing your vine in a hanging basket will limit root growth, and therefore limit the growth of the plant as a while. If you choose to use a trellis or allow the Mandevilla to grow freely, be aware that it might be necessary to occasionally trim it back. Regardless of where you grow or how you take care of your Mandevilla, it will improve the look and feel of your summer garden.

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