All About Verichron Clocks

By Trevor Onions , last updated June 14, 2011

If you're seeking a new wall clock and your demands for quality, uniqueness, and affordability are high, then look no further than Verichron World Time. Verichron's clocks bring together the old world with the ultra-modern, and their models offer something for everyone. You can satisfy all your inclinations toward the innovative, the elegant, or the practical with Verichron's collection.

Verichron's Inspiration

As a clock maker, Verichron is inspired by past and present trends across Europe, lending a richly international flavor to their products. In many ways, these clocks strive to appear extremely modern, bending into the realm of the futuristic. Verichron designs often break from the norm in shape and character. They are not even afraid of making clocks inspired by surreal artworks, clearly distinguishing their time keepers from any others.

Popular Verichron Clocks

In Verichron's flagship collection, you'll find clocks appealing to any taste with an openness to edgy designs. Unlike traditional clocks, which usually blend into a room's décor, Verichron's are meant to stand out, or give additional power to unconventional fashions. Most clocks are made from metals like chrome, silver, or aluminum, which gives them a premium and durable quality.

Above all else, Verichron clocks must be prized for their imagination. Their Dali Wall Clock is a perfect example, as it makes a real clock from Salvador Dali's famous melting clock faces. The Carissa Magnetic Clock is equally original. This model has an open face with magnetic numbers, allowing you to place numbers around the hour and minute hands however you want. The Bent Spokes Clock goes even further. It uses metal spokes with wooden spheres around the clock's hands, completely foregoing traditional numerals.

Despite this experimental trend, several Verichron models are more traditional. Look to their wood and stainless steel clocks, or the Daphne Wall Clock for elegant and less outlandish alternatives.

Verichron caters more to pioneers than strict traditionalists. However, people yearning to invent a new décor in their home will not find more strangely enchanting wall clocks anywhere else.

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