Applying for Medical School Scholarships

By Dirk Diggler , last updated December 22, 2011

If you are thinking about attending medical school but are worried that the cost of tuition might be out of your budget, what follows are some tips and advice to help with the medical school scholarship application process. Depending on which institution you plan on attending, a medical school education can easily cost upwards of $200,000, and taking out loans to cover these expenses does not always make life easier. Interest rates on loans may be low right now, however in a few years they are likely to bounce back up if you do not get a fixed rate loan. A great place to turn to if you need help covering your tuition bills is to a medical school scholarship.


One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself when applying to medical school scholarship programs is to do a hefty amount of research beforehand. If you simply work towards the first and most appealing scholarship program you find, chances are that you are signing up to be in a large pool of people trying to get the same scholarship. Instead of applying to the first medical scholarship program your search yields, try exploring more of your options. Although these other scholarships may pay less, your odds are sure to improve the more you research.

Find the Scholarship Made for You

In addition to not going with the first medical school scholarship you find, it is also going to be in your best interest to find the scholarship that is directed towards a student in your subjective situation. There are literally thousands of potential medical school scholarships available, and some are reserved for minorities specifically, while some are reserved for people from a specific state, county, or town. Try and use these specifics of medical school scholarships to your advantage!

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