Art Projects with Gourds

By Tammie Jo , last updated February 18, 2011

Whether you are looking for a creative activity that’s suited for children or a marketable crafting idea, there are many art projects you can create with a gourd. Before getting started, you must clean any mold from the gourd with water and a metal scrubber and let the gourd dry for several days. To make the mold removal easier, soak the gourd in soapy water for 24 to 48 hours before scrubbing.

Jack-O-Lantern Gourd


  • Pencil
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes

A pumpkin gourd is an easy project that kids of all ages can participate in, and a safe alternative to pumpkin carving. After drawing a jack-o-lantern face onto the gourd with pencil, crafters can paint the gourd orange, and fill in the eye, nose and mouth with black paint. Though these jack-o-lanterns won’t shine at night, they can be used as fall decorations both inside and out, and you won’t have to redo them each year.

Gourd Bowl


  • Saw
  • Scraping tool
  • Sandpaper – Medium grit and Fine grit
  • Dyes/Paints
  • Brushes
  • Embellishments

This gourd bowl won’t hold your soup, but it can hold small supplies on your desk or adorn your shelf as a unique objet d’art.

Cut the top off the gourd with a power saw or sturdy hand saw, so it resembles a bowl. Scrape away the seeds and fibrous matter from the center. Sand the inside of the gourd and the rim until there are no rough edges. Start with the medium grit and create a smooth finish with the fine grit paper. Also sand the outside of the gourd lightly with the fine grit paper to prepare it for painting or staining.

How you finish the gourd bowl is up to your skill and imagination. You can paint it, stain it with wood stains or dyes or leave it natural and burn designs into it with a wood burner. Decorate the gourd bowl by drilling holes through the side and stringing beaded cords through them, or glue on stones, shells or bits of colored leather.

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