Art Scholarships for Women

By Shannon C , last updated December 22, 2011

Finding art scholarships for women is not as difficult a task as it may first appear. There are some basic things to understand about the most common vehicles for obtaining art scholarships for women. Once you understand how, and where, to look for art scholarships for women, the task will become easier. All that is left is to identify the best scholarships to fit with your interests and artistic accomplishments.

Basic Art Scholarships

There are three basic ways that you can search for art scholarships for women. The first way is perhaps the best known and the most traditional. You can apply for art scholarships directly through art school or art universities, either by obtaining high marks or by showing unusual merit. The second way to apply for art scholarships is by entering an art competition where a scholarship or financial award is the prize. The third common way to obtain an art scholarship is to be awarded a merit scholarship directly through fellowships or art professors. This is done through special vehicles set up by the art college or university itself.

Art Residencies

Another lesser known way to obtain art scholarships is by applying for artistic residencies. The award for a residency is usually given to students who are currently doing graduate work, have graduated, or are seeking to begin graduate level art studies. With a residency, you will be given some (or all) of the following: a stipend for expenses, room, and/or board.

WomenArts and the National Endowment for the Arts

You can also seek out private fellowships or foundations that award artistic scholarships to women. WomenArts is a website that lists a variety of foundations and organizations, which award visual arts scholarships to women. Furthermore, other such websites with similar listings are easy to find with a simple internet search. Finally, national organizations, such as the National Endowment for the Arts, also offer art scholarships for women.

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