Average Hurricane Costs for a Typical Household

By Sam Feeder , last updated January 10, 2012

The average hurricane costs for a typical household usually entail paying for a set number of things that are necessary to protect your home from all the damage a hurricane can cause. There are more of these things than you may think and more can't be handled just by a single trip to the hardware and grocery stores. People who live in areas that are regularly affected by hurricanes have most of this down to a science, but if you happen to be in a place that hasn't been hit by a hurricane in years, you may want to review the list below to prepare for hurricane protection financially in the event there is one bearing down on where you live.

Hurricane Insurance

This is necessary in any homeowner’s insurance policy and can vary greatly based on the size of your home and it's location in proximity to the ocean and where hurricanes usually travel. Most insurance companies have hurricane protection, but a lot of people don't get this added to their policy so they can save a certain amount of money per month, as the chances of a hurricane hitting their home are incredibly small. If you're worried about this, you should look into what hurricane coverage will cost per month on your homeowner's insurance policy. Chances are it's a small amount more per month and won't be enough to put a financial dent in your overall lifestyle. You should also check to see if the hurricane insurance has additional living coverage, so that if the hurricane destroys your home, the insurance company will reimburse you for where you live in the meantime.

Hurricane Shutters or Boards

Hurricane Shutters are installed on homes that are regularly hit by hurricanes, and these heavy duty ones that are easy to ready when hurricane season comes around are often upwards of a thousand dollars. However, this is just a one-time expense. For areas that rarely have hurricanes, buying boards that are sized to all the windows of your house, a power drill and a few hundred screws will be the ideal thing to purchase. This is an expense that will occur only once every few years, as these boards can usually be used for protection a few times before you have to replace them. It is integral that the windows in your home are properly covered though, as windows will shatter under the pressure of hurricane force winds, sending shards of glass flying dangerously around your home.

Survival Kit

A survival kit will also be necessary and this can range in price as well, though the average kit is usually a couple hundred dollars. This entails canned food, basic first aid, a lot of water, batteries and a flashlight. There are a number of other helpful items that can also be included in a kit like a radio that can pick up frequencies in the air and work gloves that will help you safely move any debris you need to move with your hands.

With all of this taken into account, the average hurricane cost for a typical household probably amounts to a couple thousand dollars a year in extremely hurricane prone areas.

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