Balloon Table Centerpiece Ideas

By Sam Feeder , last updated August 21, 2011

Balloon table centerpiece ideas entail using balloons to make a centerpiece on each table, making it either the center of attention at a party, event or gathering, or using these balloon centerpieces on all the tables just as a standard form of decoration. There are a number of different things balloons can be used for when it comes to these centerpiece decorations, depending on the theme and size of the party or event you are throwing. A few of the best ideas for this are below.

Single Birthday Balloon Centerpiece

For a smaller birthday party, like a kid's backyard birthday party, single large birthday balloons can be used to signify the table where the cake and presents should be left. These can either be balloons which you can buy in a grocery store or they can be balloons which are custom made for the event itself. Either way, they will be the only table that has a balloon, making it stand out above all the rest.

Color-Themed Balloon Centerpieces

If the color scheme for an event or wedding is a particular number of colors, like red, white and blue, then all the balloons at each balloon table centerpiece should also be these colors. So make sure that you plan for a balloon that is each of these colors for each table and have enough helium to fill them up so that they will all float above the tables in the same way.

Larger and Smaller Balloon Centerpieces

Different tables at a party or event can have different amounts of importance based on the balloon centerpiece. For example, at a wedding, where some people are closer to the bride and groom than others, certain tables could have more balloons or more elaborate balloon table centerpiece designs than others. Of course, the largest and most extensive balloon table centerpiece should be on the bride and groom's table.

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