Basement Flooring Options You Can Put Over Concrete

By Sam Feeder , last updated October 14, 2011

Various basement flooring options you can put over concrete exist as concrete is a good basis for just about any type of interior design material as it is hard, flat and can be built upon relatively easily. Cement on basement floors are common as a basement is usually built first on top of a home's foundation or is carved out of the foundation itself and are often left as exposed concrete, because basements are used for storage or workshops where the flooring doesn't matter. However, if you want to turn your basement into an actual room of your home that has flooring, check out some of the options you can use to cover the original concrete.


Tile is an ideal flooring option for a basement floor, as it isn't that much different then concrete, beyond the fact that it looks a lot nicer. The tile will maintain the coolness that the concrete basement floor has always had and will also be able to be covered with dirt, grime or liquid and be cleaned up easily. As this will be the basement, you won't have to buy incredibly expensive tile, just durable tile like Spanish tile which can have items dropped on it and won't crack. The one expensive thing about this flooring option is that tile can be expensive to have someone install. While you can put it into your basement floor yourself, this can take a lot of time to do properly, as these tiles must each be spaced evenly in a grid layout and sealed so that they can last for many years.


While carpet floors are often reserved for bedrooms or places where there won't be a lot of dirt or grime tracked into them, a carpet floor in a basement can be perfect if that bottom of the house is being converted into a bedroom or lounge, rather then a workshop or storage area. Different types of carper made from different materials will cost different amounts of money and can be relatively easily installed with tracks along the edge of the basement. However, it's important to keep in mind that carpet will have to be cleaned constantly which could be a real hassle in a basement depending on how much foot traffic it gets in the house. It will also make the basement warmer in general, as it will cover the cold surface of the concrete floor.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is an attractive option for basement floors that can be easily attached to the concrete floor to up the look of the room in general. It is great for work shops or game rooms, adding a look of classiness in a room where you can't install a wood floor. However, vinyl tile is thin and expensive, meaning that it may not be as durable when exposed to heavy things being dropped upon it or large amounts of water getting on it. In fact, this water can pool in divots and cracks in the vinyl tile floor, causing it to buckle and break and forcing it to be replaced in a short amount of time.

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