Basketball Rebounding Drills

By Mark Cook , last updated December 30, 2011

Rebounding drills are very important for any student of basketball. Rebounding is a very significant aspect of the game and one that every player, no matter how tall or short, should work on. An effective rebounder can change the entire flow of a basketball game by limiting an opposing team’s offensive rebounds or by initiating possession for your own team. There are several factors that go into becoming a successful rebounder, but none is more important than effort. While many people can make fancy shots, it takes a lot of effort and hustle to become a high quality rebounder. Here are two great drills you can work on to better your rebounding skills.

Continuation Rebounding

In order to ensure that you get a rebound you must go and get the basketball at its highest point. This means that you cannot just stand under the basket and wait for the ball to land in your hands, you actually have to jump up and get it at the earliest possible moment. One way to practice this is to line up with several other players in a row facing the backboard. The first player throws the basketball at the backboard and quickly runs to the back of the line. The player behind him then needs to grab the basketball on the rebound and in the same motion throw it back against the backboard. He then runs to the back of the line and the person behind him continues to do the same thing.

Box Out Drill

Boxing out is the most important way of ensuring you position to get a rebound. It requires you using your body to block the opposing player from establishing position down low. In order to practice this all you need to do is have a partner and stand face to face with him. Designate one person the offensive player and the other the defensive. Then, place a basketball on the floor and have the defensive player use his body to block the offensive player from getting to the ball. Once he successfully does this for 5 seconds you switch roles and do it again.

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