Basketball Scholarships for College Students

By Jason Marshall , last updated November 18, 2011

Basketball scholarships are a great way for athletic students to get their education paid for while still playing the sport they love. It is the dream of most young athletes to be paid for playing a sport, but most will never make it to the professional leagues. However, many athletic students do have a realistic chance of making it to college with an athletic scholarship. But what do you have to do to get a basketball scholarship?

If you want to go to one of the more competitive schools, you have to be a great player. That’s a given. There are thousands of players every year competing for these scholarships, some of which (if not most) are more talented than you are. You can overcome that talent gap with hard work. Get out there are work, preparing yourself for the college game, which is long and more intense than anything you’ve played in high school. Get additional work by playing in an Amateur Athletic Union tournament in addition to your high school games.

These amateur tournaments are also a great way for recruiters to find you. You cannot, however, sit back and wait for them to discover your talent. If there are schools you are interested in, contact them. Let them know you are interested in playing for them and show you are interested by visiting the campus and meeting with the coach. You are much more likely to stand out if you start to build a personal relationship early.

In addition to being a great player, you have to keep your grades up. Don’t think universities will overlook poor grades because you have a great jump shot. Much of the scholarship funding for these schools is controlled by the NCAA and they place a strong emphasis on academics. Bad grades could seriously jeopardize your chances at getting a scholarship.

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