The Benefits of Using Salt Water Hair Spray

By Holly Schoch , last updated August 4, 2011

Ever wonder how some women can achieve perfectly tousled-looking hair the moment they step out of the ocean and onto the beach? While a lot has to do with the natural state of their hair, the salt water adds a helping hand as well. It is for that reason that beauty companies around the world began manufacturing sea salt spray for home use. Because of its ingredients, women can now achieve that perfectly tousled look without ever stepping onto the beach, which is fortunate because it saves you from the hassle of all that stand whilst still achieving gorgeous hair.

So, what is the science behind this salt spray and how can it help you achieve a gorgeous, everyday look? First, sea salt helps to provide a nice, matte finish to your hair. It provides you with added texture and volume you wouldn't get without using a ton of other types of products. Because of the texture it provides your hair, you will be able to mold and twist your hair into gorgeous styles. For example, spritzing your hair with sea salt spray before styling can help to maintain curls and trendy styles.

Simply twirling the hair around your finger and securing with a bobby pin to maintain the spiral shape can be an excellent way to get natural looking waves. Allow the hair to dry by either blowdrying the hair or waiting until it dries naturally. It is absolutely essential that the hair dries completely or else the curl won't hold and you will end up with half straight/half kinky hair. Bonnet driers are an excellent way to dry your hair with little effort and less damage. For best results, spritz dry hair with salt spray before styling. This will help to ensure that each curl dries completely.

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