Best 5 Bass Fishing Lures

By Barry Solomon , last updated December 29, 2011

If you are one of the millions of bass fishing enthusiasts out there, then you know that success in the sport is largely tied to selecting one of the five best bass fishing lures available. Your choice will be affected by the time of the year and the temperature and depth of the water in which you are fishing. Fishing is a wonderful sport that is both competitively engaging and relaxing at the same time. And with the right equipment and a good lure, you can be very successful. The top five lures for bass fishing are the crankbait, the floating minnow, the topwater popper, the willowleaf spinnerbait, and the jig.

Crankbait Lure

The crankbait is an excellent choice if you are fishing for bass from the early spring to the late fall. It works well in a wide range of water temperatures and a depths ranging from surface to deep water. The angle of the lip determines how the crankbait performs in the water. A tight wiggling crankbait works best when the water temperatures are warmer or when the fish tend to avoid lures that don't really give the feel of their natural food. Wide wobbling crankbaits are better when you are fishing in colder water temperatures. They usually have a crawfish color pattern. Though they work well in open water, they are better when there are obstructions like wood or dense vegetation.

Floating Minnow Lure

The floating minnow performs best in shallow water and can be used to catch very large bass. They look and move in the water very much like real minnows or shad. The floating minnow is best used in the early spring or later when the water temperatures are warmer. Otherwise use the suspended minnow for cold water fishing. This is a silent lure, which is good because rattling lures can scare away the bass.

Topwater Popper Lure

The topwater popper has a cupped lip, floats, and it splits the water as you pull on the line. They are most effective for catching bass swimming around standing timber, docks, or boulders. They also work well when the fish are swimming in schools.

Willowleaf Spinnerbait Lure

The willowleaf spinnerbait is best used around vegetation where it resembles the kind of forage that is usually found in these areas. It can be pulled at high speeds along the surface of the water or rolled along the bottom, so the spinnerbaits have application at any level of fishing depth. They work well at any time of the year and at a variety of water temperatures.

Jig Lure

And the best lure for catching big bass is the jig. They come in a multitude of styles and color patterns. And they come from ultra light to very heavy sizes. Bass specific jigs can be used in very different ways. A football head jig is designed to be dragged across the bottom of the body of water, making it resemble a crawfish. A swim jig looks like a sunfish or a crawfish swimming through grass. A round head finesse jig is for catching bass around cover such as boat docks.

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