Best 5 Rods for Bass Fishing

By Elizabeth Dean , last updated January 10, 2012

The best fishing rod for you is the one that will make you a better angler. Every fisherman is different just as every rod is different. In fact, many compare the art of fishing to the selective sport of golf. Just as different situation call for different clubs, different lures and fish call for different rods. With that said, here's your list of the 5 best all around rods for bass fishing.

Sage Bass II Fly Rod ($550)

This rod combines fantastic leverage with lightweight material giving you the power of accuracy. And, since it's the improved version of Sage Bass I, you can count on the line release to be almost twice the original speed. It comes equipped in a tree frog green with a cork handle ensuring the best fit to your hand. Additionally, a taper line is included with the rod. Of course, with larger fish, you'll want larger rods. Don't worry, though, because Sage Bass II Fly Rod comes in four different sizes to tackle blue gill, small mouthed, large mouthed, and peacock bass fish.

GLoomis Spinnerbait Series 69' ($200)

This nearly 7-foot beauty is a spinnerbait composite rod that has a well-balanced combination of casting power and reel reaction, meaning you'll have similar control over the actions your rod will perform. This rod comes with extra fast tips that while enhancing control also allow you to snap casts in just about any cover. If you're looking for an outrageously consistent rod regarding the accuracy and delivery, no matter the conditions, this is the rod for you.

Schimano Cumara Reaction Rods ($160)

Schimano designed the Cumara Reaction line specifically for trolling bait and also as a spectacular smallmouth grub rod using a graphite blank and a spinning reel. One of the highlights of this rod is its weightlessness. You'll hardly feel it resting in your hands, but that makes good for tugging bait in most covers. Because it isn't as bulky as the GLoomis, it can't take on any cover, but what you'll find most beneficial about this rod is the transference of motion and the feeling you'll have. So, instead of feeling the waves on the tip of your rod, you'll be focusing on the bite.

Skeet Reese Series Rods ($75)

These rods are classified as topwater rods, meaning they are composed of a fiberglass or composite material making them much softer in their design. You may be thinking that harder is always better, but the advantage to this type of rod is its "giving capacity" when you set the hook. The Skeet Reese series combines these factors with its lightweight and durable design to fight powerful fish that need to be worn down.

Dobyn 766 Flip Series ($220)

This rod is great for fishing frogs and big bait. Of course, having access to the entire Dobyn Champion Series will land you in the land of versatility, but since that type of collection can significantly dent your wallet, this rod from the series is one of the best for bass fishing. Gary Dobyn's, the owner and one of the all time money winners in fishing tournaments, decided to cut costs by eliminating needless aesthetic aspects. So, instead of a great looking rod, you'll have one that's sleek with stainless steel, a well-balanced rod, and simple reel seats.

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