The Best Armani Suits for Summer

By Tad Danielsen , last updated January 26, 2012

Warm weather beckons, but if you’re looking for the best light-weights suit for those beach days this summer, then look no further than Giorgio Armani.

“Summer in the City” is the theme of Giorgio Armani’s 2011 spring and summer collection for men. With an emphasis on low-buttoning and double-breasted jackets, it might be time for an extra visit to the gym. Armani has always carried an air of sophistication when it comes to fashion for men, and it’s no different for the summer months. However, warm weather is a cue for comfort ; Armani’s ready-to-wear line of jackets is the key to remaining stylish once the thermometer reaches 80 and the standard two-piece hides in the back of closet.

The Jacket

Let’s cut to the chase with what Armani simply calls, “The Jacket.” Stealing the show is a single-breasted jacket from the Matt Line. The leather button buckle in the front is a bold statement, especially on a tieless day. Made of 50% silk and 50% polyester, the jacket’s multi-color shimmer might need a pair of sunglasses and dark pants to offset the attention you’ll receive on a bright summer day.

The Johnny Line of single-breasted, two button jackets would not be out-of-place in a hot Casablanca night club (you might even find yourself on the verge of telling Sam to “play it again”). The crisp lines on this antique white jacket are quintessential Armani. Yet, it’s viscous material will allow the jacket to hang well, even on the most humid day.

Imagine yourself sipping an ice-cold drink on the veranda of a French colonial tea house, near the edge of the jungle. No, this isn’t a Graham Greene novel, but you are wearing the Armani three button, “Fashion Jacket.” Also from the Johnny Line, this retro, single-breasted linen jacket, sports four buttons on the cuff and pleated chest and side pockets. Leave the iron at home and let the linen do its thing.

The Suit

Not quite ready for the mix and match flexibility of Giorgio Armani’s jacket line? No problem. Uptown sophistication does not have to weigh you down, even in wool. There’s nothing more elegant than a single-breasted, one-button Armani suit from the David Line. With a wool and silk blend, this slim-fit suit is perfect for that summer wedding or business lunch meeting.

What about a suit that gives you the benefit of an Armani cut, but promises not to ruffle any feathers at the office. The Napoli Line may be the answer. Check out this 100% virgin wool, single-breasted, two button suit. A red tie might work for the office, but keep that black tie handy for cocktails at the club or schmoozing at the Thursday night museum benefit.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative then you might want to slip into one of Armani’s viscose and polyester blends from the David Line. This understated pinstripe suit is single-breasted, single-buttoned simplicity in an economically stylish cut.

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