The Best Backyard Storage Containers

By Matt Smolsky , last updated June 24, 2011

The best backyard storage containers provide waterproof storage of your garden equipment, patio furniture cushions, pool accessories, and anything else you want to have handy while you're outdoors.

Backyard storage containers basically come in three varieties. There are small containers, which generally have lift-open tops. Then there are larger cabinets, which have side-by-side doors, though these can also resemble large chests with lift open tops.

Here are some examples of the best backyard storage containers. Note that each manufacturer mentioned has a variety of choices in addition to the ones mentioned here.

Small Storage Containers

Small storage containers are perfect for storing small items that you want within easy reach. Whether it’s a pair of tongs for your grill, a collection of sprinklers for watering your lawn, or seat cushions for your patio furniture, these containers will keep your backyard neat, tidy and efficient.

Try the Suncast DB5000 if you need a small backyard storage container. It's easy to assemble. It snaps together in just a few moments, yet remains watertight. It's great for storing just about any small item you'll use outside.

You can also try the Rubbermaid FG5F7500LVSS. It's also watertight, as it's made of heavy-duty plastic like the Suncast. One notable difference is that the Rubbermaid product includes a seat for casual seating.

Larger Storage Containers

These are normally free-standing and simply push up against a wall. They're perfect for taller items such as racks, shovels, etc. They don’t take up a lot of space, and some come ready to accept shelves.

The Suncast BMS4500 is about 6 1/2 feet tall. It's great if you have limited space. The double doors feature handles and a hasp you can attach a lock to for security. You can place up to four wooden shelves on the shelf supports.

Rubbermaid's Large Vertical Storage Shed, FG3746WOLVSS, is similar to the Suncast product. It also includes an impact resistant floor. Wood shelving can be added.

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