Best Books for Cycling Training Tips

By D.A. Barber , last updated December 10, 2011

Whether you are a beginner weekend-warrior or hardcore dedicated bicycling fanatic, you should have a few of the best cycling training books on hand. Cycling continues to see an incredible growth in popularity, and whatever your reasons for cycling, knowing the key training tips can only help you enjoy your ride more and reach your goals faster. This is true whether you mount a bicycle for the sheer love of bike riding, for exercise, to cut your carbon footprint, or because you are a competitive pro cyclist. No matter what level cycling enthusiast you are, it always helps to be aware of what books are available that offer the best cycling training tips.

The Cyclist’s Training Bible

The Cyclist’s Training Bible, by Joe Friel, has long been considered the most comprehensive training book written specifically for cyclists. The new edition of this bestselling book has been updated to include the latest training and technology advances. The book gives directions for cyclists to create their own detailed training plan, including scheduling weekly workouts, race preparation, and planning your entire race season.

Training Plan for Cyclists

Author Gale Bernhardt wrote Training Plan for Cyclists for cyclists of any level. This book includes essential sections on nutrition, basic fitness, stretching, and strength-training workout plans. Bernhardt, a world-class cycling coach, also includes 17 balanced training plans to help prepare you for road or mountain bike rides ranging from 30 to100 miles. Some plans target training for riding 25 miles a day, while others reach for 80-mile days.

The Complete Book on Long-Distance Cycling

This is the training guide for cyclists preparing to take part in 100-mile century rides or more. Written by Edmund R. Burke and Ed Pavelka, the book covers all the details of long-distance training, including workout schedules, riding techniques, and race strategies. The Complete Book on Long-Distance Cycling also guides you through ways to maximize your nutrition intake, avoid injuries from overtraining, as well as ways to prepare and motivate yourself mentally.

Training and Racing With a Power Meter

Technology has become a useful tool for cycling training and power meters are an essential part of that training. But how to use a power meter, often only used by coaches and trainers, is not widely understood by newcomers. Hunter Allen’s book solves this problem by helping you understand how to interpret a power meter’s feedback numbers and turn that information into strength-building results. The new edition includes specific information for triathletes, as well as updates on the technology and software tools.

Weight Training for Cyclists: A Total Body Program for Power and Endurance

Cyclists need strong core body strength to get the most power out of their rides. Weight Training for Cyclists, by Ken Doyle and Eric Schmitz, is designed to show cyclists how to ride stronger. This book starts by outlining basic information on strength, nutrition, and warm-ups in clear terms and illustrations for both beginner riders and veteran racers. The core emphasis though is to translate strength training in the gym to greater endurance and power when you hit the road.

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