Best Books on Tennis History

By Justin Graves , last updated December 18, 2011

When searching for the best books on tennis history, there are three great books you'll definitely want to consider purchasing. While each of these books stand on their own as trustworthy resources in the sport of tennis, owning two or all three of them will allow you to develop an incredibly profound understanding of the game itself. Whether you are looking for a detailed account on the history of tennis or more basic facts, these books will give you what you need. In fact, the specific chapter headings in each book allow you to easily flip open to any fact or aspect of the game you may be interested in researching. Now, let's take a look at the best books on tennis history.

First, you may want to consider purchasing The Bud Collins History of Tennis: An Authoritative Encyclopedia and Record Book by author Bud Collins. This definitive resource on the sport of tennis provides a stunning amount of tennis statistics, stories and anecdotes. In fact, this book is arranged so you can go through tennis history year-by-year, taking a look at the highlights of each year in this great sport. Mr. Collins also includes detailed biographical information on all of the most memorable tennis players and personalities. The revised edition of this book includes many updated statistics and facts. Some of the tennis stars profiled in this book include Ivo Karlovic, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Rafael Nadal. Given Mr. Collins’ sterling record as a renowned tennis journalist and historian, you can trust that the information used in The Bud Collins History of Tennis: An Authoritative Encyclopedia and Record Book is accurate and well researched.

Next, we have Tennis: Origins and Mysteries by Malcolm D. Whitman. This book includes 208 pages detailing the origins of the game of tennis. However, the book is designed to be read by people of all ages, so you don’t have to worry about too many complicated ramblings. Instead, you will find plenty of humorous anecdotes and insightful historical information on the sport of tennis. Mr. Whitman is an accomplished tennis player himself, so you can trust that the facts and information presented in this book are reliable and accurate. Also, the author does a great job of discussing the origins of tennis and how certain terms came in to the game.

Finally, we have The Right Set: A Tennis Anthology by author Caryl Phillips. This tennis anthology includes roughly 65 separate writings that cover all aspects of the sport. Whether you are looking for in-depth historical information or engaging stories about the sport’s most celebrated players, The Right Set: A Tennis Anthology is guaranteed to hit the mark. More so than other books on tennis history, this book is able to provide information that is incredibly easy for the reader to relate to. When reading this book, you also get to see how the sport has evolved from an activity solely for the wealthy into a sport that anyone can enjoy. Finally, this book has also received several positive reviews through the official Amazon website.

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