The Best Brands for Medium Blonde Hair Color

By Renee Gerber , last updated July 27, 2011
Hair color is a beauty product that is commonly used by many women who want medium blonde hair. Regardless of age or hair type, many women enjoy changing their hair color or sprucing up their natural hue. There are many great hair care products that enable you to change the color of your hair that you can buy in beauty supply stores as well as many pharmacies and even supermarkets. Blonde is quite often a favorite color that many women like to transform their hair to, or in the case of natural blondes, they might simply want to cover up grays with a great hair color product. These are usually quite affordable, and still manage to maintain a high quality.
One of the best places you can look for great hair color products to buy is your local beauty supply store. There are plenty of these in every major city. Sally Beauty Supply is one of the most popular of these types of stores, as they are a franchise that has chains spread throughout the United States and even other parts of North America, such as Canada and Mexico. The store is well known for carrying a wide variety of wonderful hair products by many different brands, particularly those that are widely popular, such as Clairol. Blonde is a highly popular shade of hair color in all brands, and it is also available in a wide array of different shades, from the lightest of platinum blonde all the way down to the darker, more ash blonde colors.
Another wonderful hair coloring product you can easily obtain from a beauty supply, grocery, or drug store is manufactured by Garnier. Every single day, there are commercials for this wonderful hair care product that features Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker. Garnier products are made up of a wonderful formula of all natural ingredients that is made to nourish your tresses. You can expect absolutely rich, radiant color that will bring out the best in your hair as well as giving it a brilliant, healthy shine. In the case of blondes and blonde color, Nutrisse by Garnier is the ideal hair coloring product. You buy these at many different stores at a highly reasonable price.
L'oreal Paris USA also offers a great of blonde hair color that enables you to easily select the shade that is best for you. The brand gives you great tips as to what type of blonde color to choose that will work well with your individual skin tone. For example, L'oreal recommends that if you have a somewhat red pigment to your skin, you should choose a cooler shade of blonde so that it can tone down the redness of your skin.
Clairol is probably most famous for its great Nice 'N Easy line of hair coloring products, but they have several more in addition to it. Natural Instincts gives you a subtle hair color that will last for up to 28 shampoos, so if you aren't interested in going blonde or changing your natural blonde shade to a different hue permanently, this is a great product to reach for when you do your beauty shopping.
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