The Best Cocktails for New Year's 2012

By Heidi Green , last updated November 14, 2011

With New Year's 2012 quickly approaching, you might be planning out all of the details for your party, and you are probably interested in learning about the best cocktail recipes possible to help you ring in the New Year. Use this celebratory spirit to your advantage and practice your mixology skills on your friends and family. Even though many partiers like to incorporate champagne into their cocktails when new years comes around, you should definitely feel free to experiment with interesting, unique or new cocktails. Read on to learn about some recipes that are sure to be the hit of your upcoming New Year's party!

The Sorbet And Champagne Cocktail

Since champagne is pretty much an obligatory drink on New Year's, you know that it will end up making its way into at least one cocktail mix. You may as well make your version as delicious as possible! Take the Sorbet and Champagne cocktail, for instance. This mouthwatering concoction may end up being more of a star at the party than you are! To mix this delicious and extremely easy to make drink, you simply take a small scoop (about a teaspoons worth) of your favorite flavor of rich sorbet, and stir it into a flute filled with chilled champagne. Some especially great sorbet flavors include raspberry or mango, but you can experiment to find the perfect mix for you.

The Cranberry Cosmopolitan

You know you love a good Cosmo, so why not bring in the New Year with one of the most populat cocktails? The cranberry cosmopolitan takes the classic Cosmo recipe and gives it a tangy and irresistible twist. To start mixing this delicious cocktail, gather your ingredients: one shot of cranberry flavored vodka, a shot's worth of cranberry juice, a couple of squirts of lime juice (about a teaspoon or so), a teaspoon of an orange flavored liqueur, a couple of ice cubes and cranberries skewered on a toothpick or stirrer as a garnish. Once you have all of your ingredients, combine all of the liquid ingredients and the ice cubes into a cocktail shaker and shake them together until they are well mixed. Strain the cocktail mix into a suitable glass and then garnish with cranberries. This fun drink is sure to be a hit!

The Classic Mimosa With A Kick!

Everyone loves a mimosa. The tart and quenching combination of orange juice and champagne is a classic brunch drink that is enjoyed the world over. Since it’s New Year's, though, how about giving your classic mimosa recipe a bit of a kick? Start preparing a normal mimosa; mix one part chilled champagne with three parts chilled orange juice, just like normal, and stir until well mixed. After you have done this, however, add a shot of flavored vodka into the glass for a bit of "oomph!" Some great flavors include citrusy orange or lemon. Mix the vodka in with the mimosa and enjoy!

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